Düsseldorf, November 12, 2018

Interview with the management of the non-ferrous metals department

How is the new situation in the Düsseldorf office?

Degel: We are very happy that we finally all sit together in one office complex. Due to the re-structuring of the overall SMS group, this took a little bit longer than planned. Now we are surprised, how fast communication is done.

What else changed?

Liedtke: Because we need to communicate frequently with our colleagues and customers all over the world, the video conferencing areas helps a lot.

Joubert: We still need to travel to our clients but can dose it in the right way. Our experts can represent us in front of the client and we can connect Germany and Austria via video conference call to the meeting, which is guided by our technical lead expert – this applies for projects in sales and projects under execution.

Not all of your staff is expert in copper? Who does this work?

Degel: Over the past 2 years, we organized several workshops and training-lessons with the support of PolyMet solutions, selected clients and consultants. These programs are completed. But most of our staff is very familiar with these types of metallurgical plants. You also need a positive impact. We also have now specialists from other business area in our excellence team. The innovation level in the steel industry is usually in average higher compared to the non-ferrous world. Self-learning plants, the implementation of Industrie 4.0 as well as innovative automation systems, burner and lance technologies had been realized in the steel plant – such ideas are currently being transferred to the non-ferrous world.

What is the outlook for your business?

Lux: Let’s see how long we can stay in this nice office – right now the perspectives looks very promising. Especially the areas electronic scrap recycling, non-ferrous metals products and last but not least ILTEC raises lusts of attention. Let’s talk in five years from now and see if our office is bigger.