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Hilchenbach, July 15, 2020

Is your drive train in good condition?

Genius CM® Mobile Service provides the answer with temporary condition monitoring

Genius CM® (Condition Monitoring) is our early warning system that monitors plant components which are subject to wear and tear so that action to prevent them from failing can be taken at an early stage. Yet many steel plants and rolling mills are not equipped with the sensor technology required. The solution we developed for this is called Genius CM® Mobile, a plug-in system designed for the temporary detection and evaluation of vibrations, which is primarily utilized for the drive units installed in flat rolling mills.

Early warning system for avoiding downtimes: Genius CM®
Hot strip mill main drives

The gear units manufactured by SMS group work round the clock, year in year out, with extremely low failure rates. Given the fact that the drive systems are essential for production, particularly in flat rolling mills, unforeseen plant shutdowns must be avoided at all costs. Genius CM® is capable of detecting damage at a very early stage, even when it is not visible to simple monitoring systems or the personnel and before it causes failures or downtimes.

Genius CM® is a modular online monitoring system that captures and records the current condition of equipment components in terms of wear. By permanently monitoring critical equipment components, it provides operators and service specialists with a continuous flow of information on the actual condition and warns them of critical situations and failures. In this way, Genius CM® is opening up entirely new dimensions in the optimization of quality and equipment availability.

The Genius CM® Mobile Service

However, many steel plants and rolling mills are not equipped with the sensor technology that is required to detect the vibrations and speeds and so identify wear at an early stage. Which is why SMS group developed Genius CM® Mobile, a lean solution for the temporary capture and evaluation of data. Genius CM® Mobile Service is not a replacement for the fixed installation: however, as an entry-level solution for preventive maintenance it does come very close to it.

Our portable measuring set is fully equipped and ready for installation.

The Genius CM® mobile includes all cables, software and licenses and our Field Service Experts install it as a plug-in device with the corresponding equipment and it can be kept in measuring mode close to the gear units for hours, days, or weeks at a time. Upon request, all recordings can be viewed during the operation via the mySMS Platform. After use, the customer receives an extensive analysis.

Genius CM® Mobile can measure up to seven vibration signals and one speed signal. Emerging or imminent anti-friction bearing defects are identified and all the data collected is compared with the rolling and process data. Repetitive measurements, e.g. once or twice a year, give customers the security that no problems will occur during production, for instance due to a bearing failure in the gears.

The measuring procedure is preconfigured with all the necessary details of the bearing and gear characteristics. Up to now, the Genius CM® software and the requisite analyses were preconfigured for single-stage and two-stage spur gears, mill pinion gears, and spur pinion gears. Other types of gear unit or plant components can be added at short notice and the use of Genius CM® Mobile is not restricted to gears of SMS group. 

For many years, our service experts have been successfully fitting Genius CM® Mobile in equipment all over the world. What's more, with its fully equipped portable measuring set and preconfigured data, Genius CM® Mobile can be quickly installed in your plant. Our drive engineering specialists can connect to the system using the remote support function, so personnel and travel costs are avoided.