Düsseldorf, August 02, 2017

Managing floods of data

X-Pact® Business Intelligence instead of uncontrolled floods of data.

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Example of a display of production and consumption values.

The term Business Intelligence (BI) means processes and procedures for systematic analysis of production data (gathering, evaluation and visualization) in electronic form. The idea is to gain knowledge that can be used to optimize operative and strategic decision-making with a view to the achievement of corporate goals. The required knowledge is gained by means of analytical concepts, dedicated software and IT systems which evaluate data of the company, production data and the market development. The thus obtained information helps companies to make their business processes, and customer-supplier relations more profitable, reduce costs, minimize risks and increase their added value.

Today, Business Intelligence (BI) system with interactive analysis functions and comprehensive web reporting features is a core element of any modern planning system. It is able to map the production including consumed resources and use of equipment in great detail. This allows all relevant and detailed data to be made available at one central position for analysis purposes.

Business intelligence available by self service

As an element of X-Pact® MES 4.0 (Manufacturing Execution System), X-Pact® Business Intelligence provides the user with all relevant data-based knowledge at any place and time and within the correct context. Through this capacity of the system, performance can be increased and decision-making improved in all areas. Implementing the highly flexible Business Intelligence solution enhances the reactivity within the company. The self service feature available to the end user keeps IT costs and necessary IT capacities low.

The clearly structured data dashboards and Apps, which make it possible to grasp all relevant figures at a glance, have enhanced the acceptance of BI systems among users. User-friendly BI tools support the development of mobile, interactive and role-based dashboards, which provide decision- makers with highly useful and reliable summaries of data – at any place and time.

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The advantages of Business Intelligence solution.
Self-explanatory visualization of data

The BI solution developed by SMS group allows users with different skills to improve their understanding of data. The data can also be tailored to the needs of different target groups by providing them with clearly structured and easily comprehensible digests of information:

  • compilation of data from different sources, such as production and process databases
  • visualization of data and analyses of trends
  • exchange of informative graphs and data stories
  • provision of relevant information on mobile devices (display of web-based reports on tablets or smart phones)
Action-relevant business intelligence reports

Through the BI solution, users receive information relevant to the production process in the form of perfectly designed, instantly understandable and action-relevant data visualizations. The result is a more effective reporting system capable of managing the Business Intelligence strategy and providing key knowledge that may bring a real commercial added value for employees, customers and partners.