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Düsseldorf, February 06, 2018

MEERdrive®PLUS– the innovative drive concept

Highest efficiency and maximum flexibility within the wire rod production

Conventional wire rod blocks have limitations. These blocks are only able to roll with fixed reduction ratios which always require the same rolling diameters within the block. With MEERdrive® SMS group has introduced as a pioneer an innovative drive concept for wire rod blocks that overcomes these limitations of conventional solutions. The clue: the concept is based on individual drives for each stand position.

„One family-rolling" possible

The MEERdrive®PLUS block is a variant of MEERdrive® block, which allows conventional as well as thermomechanical rolling of all finishing sizes with tightest tolerances. Further “one family rolling” is also possible, since all roll/size changes will take place at this block. MEERdrive®PLUS blocks finish typical diameter ranges from 5.0 mm up to 26 mm with excellent tolerances at speeds of up to 120 m/s. Because of the large speed range in this block for rolling speeds between 10 m/s and 120 m/s, SMS group combines compact individual switch gears with individual motors.