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Düsseldorf, April 04, 2018

Meet SMS digital at Tube & wire 2018

SMS digital is known as the competence center for digitalization and Industrie 4.0 within the SMS group. Using the latest innovation methods, metallurgical know-how and technological expertise, the SMS digital experts create new products, that are developed in close cooperation with the customer from the very beginning. In the run-up to Tube & wire 2018, we have visited the organization at their office in Düsseldorf and talked to Maximilian Wagner and Tommy Goslicki about their latest innovations and details on their trade fair presentation:

Please briefly explain your task at SMS digital

Maximilian Wagner:
My task as CEO is to establish SMS digital as a successful company within the SMS group. Naturally, other than the development of specific products, this also includes the organizational structure as well as the development of new business models for our products. We started to establish the company just about two years ago and have now got 12 employees and successfully launched the first products.

Tommy Goslicki:
I work as a product manager at SMS digital since October 2016. My tasks include developing new, user-centered products. Therefore, we always focus on the demands of our clients. To identify those demands, every development here starts with interviews. In initial talks, we try to understand our customers’ processes, create so-called Customer Journeys and identify interfaces or sub-processes, that can lead to problems or that are simply not ideal. We also call those points Pain Points. Based on this, we develop ideas to improve processes and solve problems. The customer is an integral part of the whole process. When developing our products, we first start with a sketch, generate feedback, learn and continue to iterate. Our goal is to develop a first product within just a few weeks, the so-called MVP, which solves the biggest problem and generates added value from day one.

The focus of user-centered software-development is always on the demands of the customer Tommy Goslicki, Product Manager, at SMS digital
At the SMS group booth, you will be greeting the visitors in the “Technology Corner: Digital Products and Platforms”. What can the customers expect from your booth?

Maximilian Wagner:
We present our software-products as demo-versions, which the customer can experience live at the booth. We do not want to present our products with brochures or PowerPoint presentations at the fair, because the customer can understand digital products best, when he is actually using them. All visitors have the chance to directly interact with the products and they can convince themselves of our operating concept as well as the available functions. Other than our platform, my.SMS-group, we will show various applications at the fair, that have already been integrated in the platform.

Which products will your trade fair appearance focus on?

Tommy Goslicki:
Smart Alarm is possibly the most developed product. It has already passed the MVP phase and we constantly refine the product based on user feedback.

Smart Alarm is an intelligent maintenance tool. Customers told us, that alarms are often underrepresented on the classic terminals. As a result, Important alarms are overlooked and in case of so-called “alarm floods”, the causes can hardly be identified. Due to this, we developed a tool, that solves this exact problem by intelligent visualization and prioritization. We believe, that Smart Alarm can significantly improve the mill availability of our customers. To show those added values to the market and to receive additional feedback, we will be present on Tube and Wire with our products.

Our software-highlight is Smart Alarm: Improve mill availability, optimize maintenance Tommy Goslicki, Product Manager, at SMS digital
What do you think is the best part of your product and what advantages does the customer have?

Tommy Goslicki:
The focus lies on identifying error causes fast and efficiently. Furthermore, only Smart Alarm allows the supervision of all production lines in one central system.  The system informs you about critical alarms, immediately, any time. You can prioritize alarms as well as show and hide them. Additionally, you can evaluate results of maintenances and set solutions for alarms and error causes. Smart Alarm can also notify you by E-mail and SMS, if there is a severe alarm. Finally, there is a statistic-function with which you can calculate and display all parameters and trends over individually specifiable periods of time.

Maximilian Wagner:
Beyond that, we plan on developing more innovative features. It would be best if you dropped by our booth yourself, we will gladly inform you about the current state of all our products and briefly present some of our future plans. It is worth it!

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