Athens, July 23, 2017

Most modern large-diameter pipe mill in the world

Corinth Pipeworks produces with fully automated JCOE® pipe forming press of SMS group

In 2013, Corinth Pipeworks (CPW) from Athens, Greece, has commissioned SMS group to supply an 18-m JCOE® plant for longitudinally seam-welded large-diameter pipes. Only two years later, the first pipe was welded on the new plant. The large-diameter pipe plant is designed for a capacity of 400,000 tons of pipes, with outer diameters between 16” and 56”, a wall thickness of up to 40 millimeters and a length of up to 18.3 meters.

Quality pipes for pipelines
With the investment in the new largediameter pipe mill, Corinth Pipeworks is extending its product range to meet the growing worldwide demand for highstrength pipes for the extraction and transit of oil and gas.

This new capacity of the large-diameter pipe plant is already being used: the contract to supply large-diameter pipes – LSAW (Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded) as well as HSAW (Helically Submerged Arc Welded) – for a total length of approx. 495 kilometers was awarded by Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) to Corinth Pipeworks. The large-diameter pipes are required for the onshore part of the pipeline via Greece. The supply of the pipeline project will be finished next year.

With the investment in the new largediameter pipe mill, Corinth Pipeworks is extending its product range to meet the growing worldwide demand for high-strength pipes for the extraction and transit of oil and gas. The JCOE® technology from SMS group enables Corinth Pipeworks to satisfy high quality requirements. Pipe dimensions with high wall thicknesses and small diameters can also be produced in economic quantities.

On demand, offshore dimensions up to pipe length of 12 meters are prepared on a GCP® (Gap Closing Press) for tack welding. The GCP® closing press reduces the gap without any cycle time loss. In this way, the pipe can be tack-welded in a safe and precise manner. A robot- assisted laser measurement system precisely measures the inner contour of the specially formed open-seam pipe. The 25-MN press is equipped with DVP hydraulics.

World's first use of new shapeview system

The state-of-the-art JCOE® large-diameter pipe mill from SMS group enables highest technical requirements to be met, and strictest environmental directives and demanding applications as are demanded by the most important oil and gas companies in the offshore industry to be complied with. The plant is provided with the new automation system Shape, precisely controlling the forming process with the aid of special sensors. Possible negative influences by the starting material or the operator are thus minimized. The system consists of the three modular subsystems “ShapeBase”, “ShapeView” and “ShapeControl”, and generally aims at optimally forming longitudinally seam-welded largediameter pipes by the JCOE® process. “ShapeView” was used at CPW for the first time in the world – enabling an optimized control of the forming process in real time. Therefore, the new large-diameter pipeline at Corinth Pipeworks is the most modern in the world.

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The plates are formed on an 18-m JCO® short-stroke press with a pressing force of 100 MN. The plant is provided with an automation package precisely controlling the forming via special sensors. Possible negative influences caused by starting material and operators are thus minimized.
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Tack welding in the tack-welding stand with hydraulic beam adjustment takes place with up to 6 m/ min. Two internal and two external welding machines ensure fast final welding with up to five welding wires.
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The JCOE® forming process is characterized in particular by its high flexibility and a correspondigly broad product range with pipe diameters ranging from 16 to 64 inches with wall thicknesses of more than 45 mm.
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With the automation system Shape the customer is able to make use of the software proposing standard machine settings. On the other hand, reliable start parameters are calculated and output based on theses machine parameters.