Mönchengladbach, February 17, 2021

New spindle manufactured for over 30-year-old screw press

A solution to achieving longer life cycles

The Technical Service team at SMS group has manufactured a new screw assembly for the screw press that voestalpine Böhler Aerospace (Austria) has been operating since 1982. With this core component, the hydraulically driven screw press HSPRZ1180 with a maximum press force of 315 MN can continue to be employed to meet the demands of the decades to come. The press forges high-load components made of titanium and nickel-based alloys for the aerospace industry.

With a diameter of 1,180 mm, a length of 9,100 mm and a finished weight of 65 t, the spindle has dimensions that only a few manufacturers worldwide are able to produce. The pertaining nut, which itself has impressive dimensions at almost 3,000 mm in length and a finished weight of 36 t, was also manufactured in the SMS group workshop and was paired with the spindle and tested before leaving the workshop.

In addition to this press, voestalpine Böhler Aerospace has another screw press supplied by SMS group. The clutch-operated screw press type SPKA22400 has a maximum press force of 355 MN and is one of the largest screw presses in the world. With these two presses, voestalpine Böhler Aerospace boasts a unique selling point on the closed-die forging market. This press is one of the three largest clutch-operated screw presses (SPKA) in the world, all of which were built by SMS group in recent years.

For a press of this size, a six-start large spindle set with a diameter of 1,330 mm, a length of 8,600 mm, and a finished weight of 83 t was also manufactured in the SMS group workshop. The production of spindle sets of all sizes and press types is one of the core areas of expertise of SMS group's Technical Service unit. After long periods of use, the wear on a spindle set can be so severe that the original forces can no longer be transmitted. By replacing the spindle set, the press is again able to fulfill its original requirements. Our focus is both on presses that are designed and built in-house, including our Hasenclever and Eumuco forging plants, and also on manufacturing spindle sets for third-party machines – for more details, please do not hesitate to contact us!