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Mönchengladbach, May 06, 2019

New ways of learning

New ways of learning

Trendsetting techniques and methods applied in the SMS TECademy training courses: With the training classroom opened in December 2018 SMS TECademy offers you a new and uniquely interactive way of learning using the digital classroom. By using virtual and augmented reality applications, training participants will benefit from a higher learning effect as for example complex maintenance work can be experienced with a high immersion factor. The simulated environment looks and feels to some degree like the real workplace. The learner is “standing” in the center of the plant and is able to “penetrate” further into it to be able to view all assembled parts; and he/she can remove and rotate them virtually, and view them in detail. Trainings at the virtual model will not disturb the real plant production schedule and can take place at any time. Furthermore, training participants can practice without crash and damage risks. Explore, learn and apply – the SMS TECademy makes it possible.

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