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Mönchengladbach, November 14, 2019

Optimized control boosts productivity of aluminium extrusion presses

SMS group provides regular servicing on facilities at Purso Oy (Finland)

The demands on extrusion presses are high. Plant operators expect optimum production results and at the same time the machinery is continuously subjected to stress. Due to frequent load cycles wear and tear on the hydraulic system is unavoidable which changes the operating conditions. This may result in an extended non-productive time or in pressure peaks. These pressure peaks cause damage to seals, valves, pipes and many other components entailing loss of production in the worst case. With control optimization from SMS group negative plant changes are recognized in good time, evaluated and eliminated. The advantage: longer service life of many plant components, fewer plant shutdowns and increased productivity by reduced non-productive times.

Productivity is becoming more and more important in international competition. Together with the Technical Service from SMS group we regularly perform a control optimization of the extrusion press to make sure that the risk of plant failures is minimized. Toni Rantanen, Technical Manager of Purso Oy
Four steps

For executing the service SMS group delegates a PLC programming and a hydraulic  expert. The expert team optimizes the control system in four steps.

Actual state inventory

At first, the actual state of the complete press cycle is taken up with special equipment ensuring a real-time measurement of the individual operations. At the same time, various examinations of the components are performed.


Thereafter, an analysis is carried out evaluating the findings from the previously performed actual recording. Finally, action plans are determined. The measures are coordinated with the customer in advance.


During optimization the action plans are implemented and adjustments are carried out. To make sure that the best possible result is achieved the process is permanently accompanied by measurements. 


After the measures have been completed a comprehensive report is prepared including the complete results of the assignment and of all measures taken. Previous and current non-productive times are also documented and other measures for maintaining or improving the plant are shown.

Benefits of regular service

With hydraulic and electrical extrusion press optimization

  • Pressure peaks are eliminated
  • Output quantity is increased
  • Non-productive times are reduced
  • Wear and tear is decreased
  • Plant failures are minimized.
Optimizations performed e.g. on a 25 MN extrusion press demonstrate the effectiveness: through reducing the non-productive times by two seconds billet charging with a 25/27 MN extrusion press can be increased by 19,000 kilograms per month. That is what our service makes so interesting. Our service experts not only have specialized knowledge of the individual components but are familiar with the procedures and detailed processes. This makes the difference. Ben Zander, Head of Modernizations and Maintenance Services Hydraulic Presses at SMS group