Düsseldorf, November 15, 2018

Poly-TBRC - a key unit for the non-ferrous metals industry

Developed in the 1930s, the TBRC (top blown rotating converter) smelt and convert various primary and secondary raw materials to extract Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, Sn, and precious metals. Furthermore, especially in recycling, this type of converter is ideal for smelting electronic-waste.

In this area SMS group supplied the first TBRC’s as well as the world largest one. The batch process takes place in a rotating vessel. Next comes heating and converting by a central burner and a central cooled lance. The rotation of the vessel provides an ideal heat transfer and reaction kinetics in the refining and smelting processes and is therefore one of the most flexible refining unit for this applications. The unit has the following features:

  • High rotating speed of up to 20 rpm
  • Multiple lance and burner systems for better process efficiency
  • Lambda values can be adjusted over a wide range to produce reducing, neutral or oxidizing conditions
  • Innovative oxygen/gas-combustion system to produce an intense, stable and compact flame with very efficient heat transfer capabilities and low exhaust volume flow
  • Innovative refractory lining design
  • Mechanically robust vessel
  • Optionally available exchange vessels
  • Electro-mechanical drives: Easy Installation and maximum flexibility
  • Plug & Play philosophy
  • No hydraulic system required
  • High metals recovery and flexible process performance with good slag-metal separation
  • Most modern calculation tools for process design including off-gas concept
  • Active vessel cooling

The PolyTBRC further offers the possibility to produce FRHC ingots to feed copper rod or alloy production processes with a cathode substitute. The PolyTBRC is designed for a minimum OPEX and maximized flexibility to fit into the competitive market of fire refining of copper scrap.

In February 2018, PolyMet Solutions received the order for the engineering and supply of a 0,5 m3-TBRC for a German company. The unit recycles various electronic scrap to black copper. The unit was designed and manufactured in less than 6 months. Currently the plant is under commissioning.