Düsseldorf, December 06, 2018

PolyConvert - a new generation of PS Converter

The Peirce Smith converter was introduced to the industry in 1908. This reactor type is still the most widely-applied process for producing blister-copper. It’s also common in nickel and PGM production process lines. Ever since, it has been the dominant unit for the production of blister copper. For us, PolyConvert is the logical next step in converting - a new solution that implements improvements using the conventional Peirce Smith converter. Conversion takes place during the slag blowing stage as well as in separate final converting phases.

PolyMet Solutions adds features that in particular improve the process efficiency and availability of the vessel, plus ensuring a longer service life:

  • Prolonged lining life in the tuyers, mouth, and off-gas offtake areas
  • ILTEC cooling of the under-bath tuyers for significantly longer lifetime (up to 1 year)
  • Higher productivity
  • High-pressure tuyers with higher oxygen levels
  • Less off-gas for smaller gas treatment plants
  • ILTEC cooling for the mouth to increase the lifetime and eliminate expensive Ni/Co-alloys

Hamburg-based Aurubis AG is to take delivery of new converters, which will be supplied by SMS group and used to produce blister copper, an important stage in the copper production process. The converters will be installed at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. They are scheduled to be put into operation in fall 2019. The converters measure 15’ x 38‘. Aurubis AG is installing the new converters in order to strengthen and consolidate its global position as an integrated copper group and one of the world’s largest copper recycler.

The new converter design already takes future optimization into account to allow for more efficient production processes. SMS group has been commissioned with the engineering, delivery, and installation of the converters