Düsseldorf, January 07, 2019

Processing straight bars and rebars with High-Speed Delivery System (HSD®)

When it comes to the fastest possible way to process straight bars and rebars onto a cooling bed, SMS group offers the technically developed and well-proven High-Speed Delivery System (HSD®). Early developments had already started back in 1971. Since then, speeds have constantly increased from 18 meters per second in the first installation to current tests at 50 meters per second. This allows for productivities of up to 120 tons per hour for the full product range (5.2 mm – 43 mm).

Exactly the right length - at any speed

One main advantage of HSD® is the sophisticated cut-to lengths hear at the cooling bed entry. SMS group developed a solution that cuts all product sizes at any speed. The shear cuts bars from 5.2 millimeters to 43 millimeters at a maximum speed of up to 50 meters per second for small sizes. Due to dedicated control mechanisms, the system delivers tight cutting tolerances even at maximum speed.

Soft-breaking-rolls for flawless bar quality

The key to efficiently discharging bars onto the cooling bed is a sensitive pressure setting of the pinch rolls. SMS group utilizes a proportional valve that individually regulates the pressure, according to the bar’s size and surface temperature. The system applies enough pressure to reliably slow the bars down without marking or deforming it. The result: top-notch bar quality. The bars are delivered onto the cooling bed via rotating channels. They are precisely synchronized with the soft bar breaking unit, the cooling bed cycle movement and the barposition monitoring system. This set-up guarantees that only one bar per notch is discharged. Plant operators benefit from trouble-free production and reliable counting of the rolled bars.

Latest out of total 80 worldwide references:
  • Fujian Luoyuan Minguang, China
  • Tangshan Donghua Iron & Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., China
  • Alliance Steel, Malaysia
  • Moon Iron & Steel Company (MISCO),Sultanate of Oman
  • Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation Taiwan
  • Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., Angul, India
Improved product quality

High speed and increased productivity are by far not the only advantages of HSD®: Rolling mill operators achieve closest product tolerances as well as optimum bar lengths. They also facilitate rolling management and equipment maintenance at the same time. Furthermore, plant operators minimize production costs with HSD®.

  • Better control of the bar tolerance, since each line contains a finishing block with much higher tolerances than regular stands. In the case of two to four slitting processes, production is driven by the smallest size bar. This results in bars that are, on average, larger than needed. In all the plants where products are sold by number, rolling with close tolerances results in considerable yield advantages
  • Lower guide costs as HSD® eliminates the need for slitting boxes and twister guides.
  • Less short bars due to the fact that there is only one short bar per billet, while slitting produces as many short bars as there are strands.
  • Considerably higher yield as there is only one bar per cooling bed notch. Multiple bars per notch generate overlapping and misalignment which affect the down stream cold cutting, counting and bundling operations.