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Mönchengladbach, August 20, 2019

Smart Maintenance Solutions for the metallurgical industry

Smart maintenance is a key issue within the framework of Industrie 4.0. Our expert Christoph Häusler explains our concept for smart maintenance which links production requirements to the machine status in order to identify, report, analyze and control critical success factors for efficient maintenance.

Even the latest, self-optimizing plant has to be maintained and repaired by a maintenance team. By the use of modern methods and tools, the quality and efficiency can be increased sustainably by smart maintenance. Often the current situation is that different kinds of approaches, products and solutions are available. Each of these tools deliver information and reports - but they are not linked to each other and do not have unified interfaces. In contrast, SMS group offers an integrated concept, called Smart Maintenance Solutions.

Actual situation

The upcoming digitalization offers a lot of meaningful new opportunities and possibilities. But at the same time there are plenty of applications which can cause more disadvantages than positive optimization. In order to find the right way through the „jungle” of digitalization and not to get lost in this biggest challenge we all are facing now, clarification has to be provided regarding current questions.

What is the actual degree of digitalization and how should it be in the future? What kinds of resources have been used in the past and what will be available for realization – and how will the time frame look like? First, there is the need of an overview of current solutions.

Condition Monitoring

State-of-the-art condition monitoring systems are permanently monitoring the key components of a plant. That means continuous provision of real-time information about the status of the components including warnings in order to take action when needed.

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