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Mönchengladbach, March 18, 2020

SMS-Metrics: Real-time recording and evaluation of machine data

Flexibility and transparency to increase process know-how

SMS-Metrics is an efficient tool for recording, saving and evaluating machine data in real time. Thanks to the increase in transparency, customers can expand their process know-how. Evaluations can be easily prepared, dynamically adapted and retrieved worldwide in the browser.

Linking machine data with process know-how is a significant added value for users. For various SMS plants such as extrusion presses, eccentric presses and CONTIROD®  (CONTIROD® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium) wire rod mills such link already exists. This means, that users are not only provided with a tool for recording measured values but also have access to process know-how and dashboards displaying machine-specific correlations. Since state-of-the-art SMS group plants are equipped with a variety of high-quality sensors an enormous potential is available through digitalization.

Open platform architecture, focus on data security

SMS-Metrics can be integrated in local or cloud infrastructures. Here, open standards such as OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications - Unified Architecture) are thoroughly applied. Due to neutrality and flexibility, it can be ensured that machine data are available in the long term. Here, data security is entirely of particular importance. Accepted data transfer encoding mechanisms are applied. Customer has transparent access to his data at any time and decides who gets access.

With SMS-Metrics, users gain a new level of process transparency and therefore access to valuable information. Examples are:

  • Energy consumption even down to specified single motors in relation to each part of the process. Therefore inefficient automation sequences and motors can be identified quickly and acted upon.
  • Quality variations due to changes in machine parameters become more visible.
  • Key Performance Indicators such as availability will be calculated and feedback presented.
  • Any specific signal from historic data can be recalled instantly. Anomalies can be zoomed in within the same graph down to seconds resolution.
Seamless integration, flexible extension

SMS-Metrics is a component of digitalization which can be seamlessly integrated into other products. Consequently, customer-specific tools may benefit from this high-grade processing of machine data. The tool scales from individual machines up to a complete plant. The digitalization products of SMS group offer a special highlight since manufacturer specific knowledge is included in data processing. This solution combines expert knowledge in many SMS fields such as technology, engineering and software development.

The introduction of the system can be realized easily and signals can be quickly integrated into a cloud variant. Additional hardware is not necessary since all new SMS group plants have already been prepared for SMS-Metrics. At any time, the system can be flexibly extended or upgraded.

SMS-Metrics is particularly interesting for technologists, production planners, plant managers, maintenance experts and machine operators. Individual dashboards can be configured for each user group.