Jiangyin, June 17, 2021

Successful commissioning of all CONDRIVE oscillation drives on existing five-strands bloom caster

CONDRIVE at Xingcheng Special Steel (JYXC) enables targeted mold oscillation for most different applications

Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd. (JYXC) in Jiangsu Province, China and SMS Concast successfully commissioned all five CONDRIVE oscillation drives on the existing continuous bloom caster at JYXC.

Condrive Condrive Condrive
CONDRIVE direct drive by SMS Concast for best mold oscillation control

The CONDRIVE oscillation drive replaced their existing electromechanical drive, which cannot be adjusted online. CONDRIVE mold oscillation represents a completely new approach combining the advantages of hydraulic and mechanic drives in one. Due to the innovative torque drive, the amplitude, frequency and oscillation profile can be adjusted online and independently. Thus it grants full functionality, however without the hydraulic system drawbacks in terms of maintenance and piping.

The original caster was delivered by the former Mannesmann Demag AG, which became part of SMS group in 1999. It has a casting radius of 10.25 meters and produces sections of 300 x 340 millimeter blooms. The products are cast in steel grades to be applied for bearings, high level gears, alloy springs and other steel products. By modernizing their mold oscillation with CONDRIVE, JYXC can now benefit from a very reliable and flexible oscillation control for a stable process and improved product qualities.