Hilchenbach, June 04, 2018

Successful production with X-Pact® Drive

The modular drive solution X-Pact® Drive for low-voltage frequency converters has been integrated in the automation systems of numerous plants.

Power inverter module for the coiler.

Many plants have been successfully commissioned with the X-Pact® Drive module, a new module added to the range of X-Pact® products. The modularity of the concept has proved very successful during the commissioning activities.

Also during running operation, the system has performed excellently, last but not least due to its robust design. More than 99.5 percent availability of the drives over a period of more than a year speaks for itself. A milestone achievement was the commissioning of the synchronous motor for the coiler mandrel drive of the CSP® plant at the customer Big River Steel in the U.S.A. With a power rating of 1,000 kW and 200 percent overload, this unit is one of the higher-capacity motors in the low-voltage range.

For coilers that handle thin-gage strip, it is very important to use synchronous motors because they have much lower inertia than asynchronous motors. This avoids necking of the strip head at the start of winding. For a synchronous motor, the frequency converter only needs to feed the pure active current. Thus, the frequency converter can achieve correspondingly higher power ratings. Currently, the same solution is being implemented at MMPZ-group (Miorskij Metalloprokatnyi Zavod). In this case, it is for 2,500 kW coiler drives with 150 percent overload. Unlike a synchronous motor, an asynchronous motor has to be fed with apparent current. Accordingly, a higher-dimensioned frequency converter is required.

Quick spare parts service and effective customer training

Customers highly appreciate the spare parts service and the operator training provided by SMS group. Courses on maintenance and repair take place under hands-on conditions in SMS group’s modern test and training center in Hilchenbach. Here frequency converters can be flexibly coupled with different motors. In the same facilities, also tests of more complex and drive-related control systems are performed. By linking the frequency converters with a central control system, it is guaranteed that each drive can be separately controlled.

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The coiler of the CSP® plant at Big River Steel in the U.S.A.
Advantages of X-PACT® Drive at a glance
  • High power density of 5 MW per converter system
  • Cost-efficient solution through standardized cabinet design
  • Short commissioning time, resulting in a faster ramp-up
  • One common application software for all plant types
  • Easy maintenance due to cartridge system
  • Optimized spare parts inventory
  • AC and DC bus systems
  • Synchronous motor and asynchronous motor applications
  • UL or CE certified