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Düsseldorf, September 05, 2018

Top 10 Pain Points of the Indsutry – Data Privacy and Integrity

4. Data privacy and data integrity

Digital transformation presents industrial companies with the challenge of comprehensively and effectively protecting sensitive company and customer data. More and more processes are digitalized, machines are interconnected and huge amounts of data are collected. That is how new value-added networks emerge via which industrial companies and their partners can exchange and collaborate. Consequently, it means that more and more sensitive digital data is available and has to be protected from abuse. It is not only imperative to protect the data from external unauthorized access, also the employees have to be actively involved. Even the loss of a USB flash drive can have far-reaching consequences in industrial companies if it contains sensitive company data. No matter if it is construction data of new prototypes or individual customer data for production at lot size 1.

Industrial espionage takes on a new important role due to digitalization. It is an attractive challenge for cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to industrial secrets. To avoid that, SMS digital focused on security, from the very beginning of their mySMS group platform. All data provided in the specialized industrial appstore, is exclusively hosted in datacenters in Germany. Hence, they are subject to the severe German data protection regulations.
During the data transmission between platform, products and end-users, a modern end-to-end encryption provides additional security. Thus, the exchange of data between application and machine only takes place through a “data-push”. That means, that the application never actively accesses the machine data. The whole platform-product-communication is exclusively encrypted and secured by a strict access and user management system. In addition, all data is not only transmitted in an encrypted way, but is also stored that way. This guarantees a maximum of data privacy and data integrity.