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Düsseldorf, June 25, 2018

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry - Availability of digital infrastructures

8. Availability of digital infrastructures

Digital transformation revolutionizes the metal industry. Software, that intelligently collects data, becomes the most important competitive factor. That means, that the underlying infrastructure has to be available 24/7! Industrial companies cannot achieve this alone, because it requires high investments in areas that are not their core business. Luckily, there is the cloud!
And there are also third-party suppliers like SMS digital, who are specialized in moving companies of the metal industry to the cloud. They offer industrial solutions, that are optimized for a huge amount of data. Access to the data is possible anytime and from anywhere via the cloud. This is how industrial companies are able to store, share and analyze their data online.
Moreover, you can reduce local server resources and instead access a modern and fast infrastructure in a highly secured data center via the cloud. All data stays in Germany and will be transmitted and stored in an encrypted way. In addition, data centers like e.g. Amazon Web Services provide an availability of 99,9999 percent.
The application Cloud Service connects all services of SMS digital and forms the technical backbone of their own IIoT. Industrial companies can choose between the three service packages basic, pro or enterprise, according to their needs.