Düsseldorf, September 24, 2018

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Data Flood

3. Data Flood

Predictive Maintenance, Smart Production, Smart Factory – these keywords are indicators for the continuous data growth. Machines are equipped with sensors collecting a multitude of data. These sensors keep getting cheaper and thus more and more machines can become “intelligent”.  However, the arising data flood can only be handled right if companies are able to efficiently and usefully evaluate the data.
For that reason, you need a carefully considered big data strategy tailored to your industry. Banks and assurance agencies have other requirements concerning big data than mechanical engineers. The former is interested in estimating risks and avoiding fraud. That is why real time analyses of transaction data is so important to them. Mechanical engineers on the other hand are more interested in sensor data. They want to know if the plants run optimally or if a machine has to be maintained soon.
Using intelligent software solutions and collecting data is not enough for a real implementation of smart concepts. In fact, it is more important to clarify right from the start which problem should be solved by collecting and analyzing the data. In addition, the data has to be structured, because all data is not equally important.

In practice this is called hot and cold data, which is a certain pre-classification of data. Hot data is data that is important for direct follow-up actions. This might be an alarm message about predefined limits of critical components being exceeded. It is important to be able to analyze this kind of data in real time, to avoid secondary failures of machines.
Cold data is data that does not have immediate relevance during operation, but can be important for further analyses. For example information about the output or the consumption of a machine. Or information about the operating time and thus the wear of a particular component to be able to deduce maintenance intervals.

SMS group has already developed applications supporting industrial companies in a useful evaluation of their machine data. Genius CM offers a so-called Condition Monitoring. This means that Genius CM constantly monitors the condition of plant components to detect critical situations early on and to avoid unplanned downtimes.
Smart Alarm of SMS digital allows you to monitor the plant condition and visualize alarms in an intelligent way.  If an alarm concerning critical hot data is triggered, the responsible employee is promptly informed. Thus, thanks to Smart Alarm, industrial companies have a better overview of the alarm flood at their plant. Finally, it enables you to control the flood of data arising at the machines.