Düsseldorf, October 10, 2018

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Lack of Know-how

1. Lack of Know-how

Disruptive changes, like Industrie 4.0 lead to a full restructuring of an existing market. Problems are suddenly tackled and solved in a completely new way. Normally it is not part of the core competence of existing market players to initiate or to implement such a change. Because they often lack the appropriate know-how. External advisors and suppliers can help to cope with this process of change, as they have the needed know-how to trigger off innovations in industrial companies and to accompany them.

Since the founding in 2016, SMS digital specialized in tackling the challenges of digital transformation and Industrie 4.0. The digital experts develop innovative software projects for the steel and metal industry. Right from the beginning, the customer with his requirements is in the focus and is being involved in the development as early as possible. To optimally support their customers in exploiting their digital potentials, the experts developed a special two-day workshop. The Digital Ideation Workshop offers industrial companies the possibility to precisely identify their potentials and to implement them.
During the Workshop, the experts and the customer jointly analyze the individual potentials of the latter. Subsequently, they are developing first tangible product ideas as well as a corresponding roadmap for their implementation. If needed, they also accompany their customers during the implementation of the developed digital product ideas. To jointly exploit digital potentials, the team uses modern working methods like Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Scrum.
In that way, the experts, in close collaboration with the customer, solve complex problems and are able to develop holistic solutions. First tangible results are presentable after a few days. Thus, digital product ideas can be transformed into real digital solutions within a few weeks.