Düsseldorf, July 23, 2018

Top 10 Pain Points of the Industry – Lack of willingness to embrace Digital Transformation

6. Lack of willingness to embrace Digital Transformation

In 2016, a survey of the Institute of German Economy in Cologne states that SMEs hesitate to occupy themselves with digital transformation. Not much has changed since then. Many companies declare that they are inhibited by their employees’ resistance to change. In addition, they are still uncertain about how to implement digital solutions in their organization and how to motivate their employees. A recent survey of the Handelsblatt Research Institute commissioned by Telekom, illustrates however that investments in digital transformation pay off. Consequently, SMEs should finally approach digital transformation.
Today, 38% of the interviewed companies already generate a digital dividend. The benefit exceeds the costs of digital transformation although its process is still at an early state. It is a positive sign that even the early digital transformation seems to be worthwhile. 51,7% of the interviewed companies believe, that the strategy of digital transformation is designed for a medium- and long-term benefit.
The driving forces of the implementation of digital transformation projects include among other things: profit increase (51,4%), acquisition of new customers (51,2%) as well as a faster response to customer requirements (50,7%).

Companies like SMS digital support industrial companies in achieving these objectives. They especially help SMEs to get started with their digital transformation and support them with plenty of services, ranging from a Digital Ideation Workshop to the development of digital applications. The enterprises can directly provide these applications in the Industrial App Store and run them on the mySMS group platform.