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Mönchengladbach, August 26, 2020

VIDEO: Cooperation with Semiotic Labs adds new function to Genius CM®

The next piece in the puzzle to complete Genius CM® Condition Monitoring being a comprehensive system for the metallurgical industry is in place.  The new cooperation with Semiotic Labs and the integration of their SAM4 predictive maintenance for AC motors and rotating assets into Genius CM® is an important step in this direction. SAM4 will also be integrated as an App into the mySMS platform of SMS digital.

The innovative AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) technology developed by Semiotic Labs uses electrical signals and the data fingerprint of AC motors and other rotating equipment to monitor and analyze the condition of critical plant assets and enable reliable and early prediction of developing faults. In contrast to traditional, vibration-based solutions, SAM4 developed by Semiotic Labs operates based on sensors installed directly in the control cabinet - not on the asset itself. This solution is particularly useful for the monitoring of equipment in service under rough operating conditions as typical in the metallurgical industry.