Düsseldorf, November 10, 2019

Virtual erection engineering

Not a vision but reality in project planning and execution

Virtual erection engineering was first applied in the non-ferrous department at SMS group for a copper plant in Europe, as part of which SMS group replaced the Peirce-Smith converters. Why are 3D models and 4D engineering so important in the erection planning? Today, design engineering at SMS group is carried out in 3D, so to implement the 4th dimension, detailed time scheduling is a logical step.

The erection and engineering teams work on one engineering platform (“One space”), and because there are no time or data losses during the information exchange, redundancies are avoided. The visualization creates a better understanding that enables more efficient joint discussions among the engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and erection teams. This significantly reduces error rates during project planning. The software checks the engineering in respect of plausibility and collisions as well as the plausibility of the time scheduling. A fully optimized design that meets all manufacturing, transport, and erection requirements was achieved. See below for our range of virtual erection engineering services.

  • Technical consulting - 3D laser scan of the current condition
  • Erection planning & engineering (3D modelling & animation: virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR), including 3D laser scan)
  • Project time scheduling (if required in combination with 3D modelling & animation = 4D planning)
  • Virtual reality meetings with internal and external partners within the modelled scenario
  • Erection specifications, manuals, and standards
  • Consultancy services for the erection tendering phase by providing tendering documents and tender reviews or
  • Performance of the entire erection and commissioning of the equipment

Our goal is a perfectly scheduled and engineered equipment installation in a fully transparent manner, on time and within budget.