A career in design/engineering

"You decide how far you want to go."

Larissa Ohm is a design engineer for cold rolling mills at SMS group Hilchenbach. After studying Mechanical Engineering at Siegen University, she started out on a program for young engineers. Now she’s responsible for designing mill stands. She loves the friendly atmosphere, independent work, and her personal scope to grow – both at her workplace and on assignments abroad.

Talking to career ambassador Larissa Ohm.

As a career ambassador, Larissa Ohm is ready to answer all your questions about starting a career in the Design/Engineering area.

The job: What’s it like to work in Design/Engineering at SMS group?

My day starts early. That suits me fine, because I’m an early riser. I work mainly at my computer. At our location, we have our own production shop, so I can go directly to the workshop and inspect the parts or changes I’ve developed. It’s always an impressive sight because the plants are so huge. The other departments are also just a few steps away. That makes it easy to cooperate. One highlight during my career with SMS so far was definitely working with colleagues on the complete re-engineering of a plant part. I’m looking forward to more projects like that. I’d like to work abroad sometime in the future. If you show personal commitment, the sky’s the limit at SMS! And you decide how far you want to go.

Career: Why did I choose SMS group?

In and around Siegen, SMS is a major name, and I knew even at university that I wanted to work here. What absolutely clinched it for me was my job interview. My boss really talked to me on an equal level and made me feel at ease straight away. I also know this is a company that offers me great prospects and support. That’s true whether I work abroad or here in Germany. It includes training courses and good teamwork.

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Interview Larissa Ohm