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SMS Metallurgical Service LLC

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC was founded on September 1, 2009. Today, the company is headquartered in Chelyabinsk and runs operative branches in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Magnitogorsk, Vyksa, Lipetsk, and Actobe (Kazakhstan).

Currently, we employ 746 highly qualified specialists. They include dedicated teams directly involved in the various Technical Outsourcing projects contracted by NLMK, MMK, and Actobe (Kazakhstan).

All the current team members were trained to SMS group standards in Hilchenbach, Düsseldorf, and Mönchengladbach in Germany.

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About us

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Best equipment for your production processes

The Russian Federation has long been an important strategic market for SMS group. Its iron and steel industry ranks among the world's largest. Continuous growth in the region means Russian producers are keen to upgrade their equipment and invest in new plants so they can meet future demand. Responding to this opportunity, we built up our presence on the market and invested heavily in facilities to supply products and services to Russian customers.

Our Head Office is located in Chelyabinsk, just a few kilometers from our workshop. Furthermore, we operate branches in most major metallurgical centers, giving us the capacity on the ground to meet your requirements.

Crucial to our decision was the geographical location of Chelyabinsk. Today, it's one of Russia's major industrial centers. Metal products made here are well known throughout the regions and republics of the former Soviet Union and beyond.

This city produces nearly 25% of large-diameter pipes manufactured in the country. It's also responsible for one-third of smelted ferroalloys and ball-bearing steel, and more than 60% of stainless steel. Many metallurgical plants are concentrated around Chelyabinsk.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to supply state-of-the-art technology to you. That means the very best equipment for your production processes and automation. So you achieve top quality and efficiency at low cost.

Here at SMS Metallurgical Service, we follow through this vision to attain tangible results. Whatever your requirements - we deliver the right service solution for you.

Due to our constant innovation in services and longstanding partnerships with customers, SMS Metallurgical Service has become the preferred service provider in Russia & CIS.


Services for metallurgical plant

Our office in Chelyabinsk is dedicated to providing services for metallurgical plants throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Wherever you are in this part of the world, we are perfectly placed to support you.

A special focus of our service point is facilities for flat and long products, including the high-tech production of pipes and complex forgings. You can tap into a range that covers everything: from standard spare parts to repairs and modernization, technical support, warehousing, consignment stock, teleservice, training, and electrical and automation systems.

You are virtually bound to succeed with the synergies provided by our various service packages. Put together your own mix of outsourcing, IMMS, RCM, warehousing, predictive maintenance, training, and consulting. All our services draw on the experience of the whole SMS group. You'll benefit from better plant performance and product quality plus much lower final production costs over your entire production line.

Superb services we provide for you

  • Reliability Engineering processes
  • Plant Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance System using IMMS
  • Inventory Management including warehousing and consignment stock
  • Technical Outsourcing service
  • High Quality technical services
  • Advanced safety and environmental service
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Portfolio highlights

There is a determined drive in today's metallurgy industry to modernize, integrate leading-edge processes, and implement new production methods in existing plants.

The ultimate objectives here are cutting production costs by streamlining maintenance with a focus on productivity and yield for client assets. This is what underpins all developments by the SMS group Service Division. You can expect high-performance technological service packages that guarantee a rapid return on investment. Equally important to you is knowing you achieve the best production results, environment protection, and profitability.

Extremely versatile, our service packages are not only ideal for all SMS plants, but also suit machines and equipment from other suppliers.
Whatever your requirements, our range is wide enough to cover all your needs. We'll be delighted to devise a customized solution just for you.

Our full portfolio of individual service packages forms the basis for integrated systems. You'll benefit from solutions that transform static working processes into dynamic operations - geared to better quality, higher quantity, and lower costs.

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Workshop Chelyabinsk

Introducing SMS Cheltec: Our workshop is part of SMS Metallurgical Service of Chelyabinsk in the Russian South Urals. Here our experienced, 33-strong team comprises a wealth of qualifications - from process engineers and electroplaters to CNC operators. Each one is dedicated to offering you the best possible service for your equipment and processes.

Our workshop is the largest and most comprehensive supplier of parts, equipment upgrades, maintenance, repairs, and field services for the metals industry in Russia and CIS. The facility covers an area of some 3,500 m².

You'll be amazed at our vast expertise, resources, OEM engineering capabilities, and specialist know-how. All this makes the workshop your ideal supplier of maintenance, upgrades, and spare parts. That holds true whatever your equipment - whether furnaces, flat and long product casting and rolling plants, coil galvanizing and processing plants, forging machines, extrusion presses, or wire, tube, and pipe mills. State-of-the-art and supremely versatile, our lines accomplish a wide range of jobs. Some are even unique in Russia and CIS. One exclusive example is our high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) coating center.

Our workshop offers a comprehensive repair service and restoration of metallurgical equipment, providing significant cost savings to the customer using advanced scientific and technical developments.

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The SMS Metallurgical Service workshop in Chelyabinsk is Russia's only company to use a very special technology. It consists of a patented electroplating and ceramic coating process. Designed by SMS group, Uniguard and Nanoguard wear-resistant coatings increase mold service lives by 2-5 times.

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  • CNC horizontal milling machine (for pre and final machining of CCM copper plate broad faces)
  • CNC vertical milling machine (for pre and final machining of CCM copper plate narrow faces)
  • Equipment for high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF)
  • Manual lathe (for pre and final machining of various products up to 350 mm in diameter and 3000 mm in length)
  • CNC lathe (for pre and final machining of various products up to 410 mm in diameter and 3000 mm in length)
  • MultiSurfacer twin-head twin-roll cladding machine for welding alloys with D3 EtherCAT technology (Ø 100 -400 mm, max. length: 4500 mm, max weight: 3000 kg)
  • Abrasive blasting booth
  • Two electric heat-treatment furnaces
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Refurbishment and repair of caster moulds and roll assemblies:

Repair of roll assemblies:

  • Pre- and final machining of various products, including rolls
  • Electric heat treatment
  • Cladding of steel rolls of various base material grade (Welding Alloys), diameter and length by utilizing both "open arc" and "submerged arc" welding techniques
  • Production of spare parts for roll assemblies

Repair of moulds:
Pre- and final machining of CCM copper plates
Surface treatment
Electroplating of CCM moulds
HVOF coating

Cutomer: MMK Magnitogorsk

Technical data:

  • Diameters 140 mm; 245 mm; 275 mm; 320 mm.
  • Average length of rolls: 800 mm
  • Total length of rolls in roll assembly: 2400 mm

Locations & Contacts

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC - Aktobe

12th Microrayon Business Center “Dastan”
Building 21, Block B, Floor 1
Aktobe, 03000
Aktobe, Қазақстан /Казахстан

Phone: +7 7132 902036
Mail: vladimir.dril(at)

SMS group Technical Services LLC UA

Prospekt Karpova 58
Mariupol 87515
Mariupol, Україна

Phone: +380 669 486400
Mail: info.ts-ua(at)

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC - Chelyabinsk

Kirova str. 159, office 710
454091 Chelyabinsk
Chelyabinsk, Росси́я

Phone: +7 351 7793016
Mail: Evgeny.Tretyakov(at)

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC - Ekaterinburg

Kominterna street, 16, office 626A
620078 Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg, Росси́я

Phone: +7 912 258 0078
Mail: kirill.parshukov(at)

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC - Lipetsk

Metallurgov Square 2
398040 Lipetsk
Lipetsk, Росси́я

Phone: +7 4742 444170
Mail: sergei.zhirov(at)

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC - Magnitogorsk

Gertsena Street 6, Building C, Office 313C
455001 Magnitogorsk
Magnitogorsk, Росси́я

Phone: +7 3519 438670
Mail: alexey.yemelyanov(at)

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC - Moscow

Olympijskij Prospekt, 18/1
129110 Moscow
Moscow, Росси́я

Phone: +7 916 8076051
Mail: victor.nikolaev(at)

SMS Metallurgical Service LLC - Vyksa

Uliyanova Street 5/2
607061 Vyksa
Nijegorodskaya Region
Vyksa, Росси́я

Phone: +7 83177 37791
Mail: stephan.chumakov(at)