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SMS group's Technical Services Division in North America is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. It's a reputable, innovative company you can trust - recognized as a world leader in outsourced maintenance services for the steel and non-ferrous metals industry.

Our Technical Services Division offers comprehensive maintenance and spare part services for steel production, continuous casting and rolling (flat and long products), tubes, welded pipes, forging, non-ferrous technology, and heat treatment plants - all from a single source. Apart from traditional refurbishment services for all major OEM equipment, you can also take advantage of our comprehensive field services and modernization projects. Steelmaking is our special forte where we actively devise maintenance solutions throughout the process from melting and casting to rolling and finishing. Next up is our forging division with experienced maintenance specialists who focus on closed and open-die forging, extrusion presses, and ring rolling. Looking at tubes and pipes, you'll notice our uniquely broad know-how which covers the complete line of seamless operations from cold drawing and pilger mills to piercing mills.

All this means we help not only maintain your equipment but also improve its operation. Plus, you can always rely on our excellent maintenance and service culture at eighteen (18) modern facilities throughout the U.S.. Whether you are a metals producer or processor, simply contact us if you are ready to extend your campaigns, reduce maintenance costs, and solve your production challenges.

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About us

History of SMS group USA

January 2018 – SMS group joined together North American OEM and Technical Services companies of SMS USA and SMS Technical Services. This merger gives SMS group a larger and more unified presence in the North American metal industry.

The beginnings of SMS group in North America can be traced back over 100 years. It all began with American original equipment manufacturers such as Aetna Standard, Oilwell Supply Company, and Sutton Engineering. Back then, as today, our core value has always been great service with a smile. And that hasn't changed since the 1950's, when our predecessor companies Acutus, Gladwin, and Millcraft Products started providing maintenance services for the metals and mining industries. What fueled the growth of these companies was the advent and rise of continuous casting in North America.

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Products and services

Global leader in continuous casting maintenance services Image
  • Caster molds - complete mold rebuilds, mold copper machining and coating
  • Oscillators - end unit rebuilds and oscillator monitoring
  • Caster segments - segment refurbishments, complete roll cladding capabilities
Complete rolling mill maintenance services and on-site roll shops Image
  • HSM - roll repairs, shifting blocks, chocks, spindles, gears, and AGC cylinders
  • CM/CGL - work roll chrome and EDT services, chocks, Zn pot rolls and equipment
  • Medium and heavy section mills - roll repairs, mill stands and spare parts
  • Bar, wire and rod mills - block/ module repairs, straighteners, and guides
Pipe and tube mill maintenance services and on-site roll shops Image
  • ERW and spiral welded pipe mills - spare parts
  • Draw benches - repair and modernization
  • Pilger mills - spare parts and field services
  • Seamless pipe mills - piercers, straighteners, spare parts, repairs, and modernizations
  • Bright bar and cold drawing equipment - repairs and field services
Extrusion and forging Image
  • Sutton extrusion presses - upgrades, repairs, spare parts, and field services
  • Closed/open-die forging presses - upgrades, repairs, spare parts, and field services
  • Ring rolling - upgrades, repairs, automation, and field services


SMS group - Calvert

Paul Bayou Road
1 Steel Way
Calvert, AL 36513
Alabama, United States

Calvert, United States

Phone: +1-251-406-1252
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Dearborn

4001 Miller Road
Dearborn, MI 48120
Michigan, United States
Dearborn, United States

Phone: +1-313-322-4890
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Calvert

1 AM/NS Way
Calvert, AL 36513
Alabama, United States

Calvert, United States

Phone: +1-251-489-4099
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - East Palestine

49560 State Route 14
East Palestine, OH 44413
East Palestine, United States

Phone: +1 330 426 4126
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - East Pittsburgh

770 Braddock Avenue
East Pittsburgh, PA 15112
East Pittsburgh, United States

Phone: +1 412 823 4280
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Gary

201 Mississippi Street Unit 12A
Gary, IN 46402
Gary, United States

Phone: +1 219 880 0256
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Hogansville

750 Meriwether Park Drive
Hogansville, GA 30230
Hogansville, United States

Phone: +1 706 637 8228
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Mobile

12400 Highway 43 North
Axis, AL 36505
Axis, United States

Phone: +1 251 415 4444
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Mokena

19700 South 97th Avenue
Mokena, IL 60448
Mokena, United States

Phone: +1 708 479 1333
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Muscatine

1750 Bill Sharp Boulevard
Muscatine, IA 52761
Muscatine, United States

Phone: +1 563 381 9102
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Oil City

671 Colbert Avenue
Oil City, PA 16301
Oil City, United States

Phone: +1 814 677 9400
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Osceola

2100 US 61 South
Osceola, AR 72370
Osceola, United States

Phone: +1 870 576 2036
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Taylor

15200 Huron Avenue
Taylor, MI 48180
Taylor, United States

Phone: +1 734 246 8230
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Warren

12880 East 9 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48089
Warren, United States

Phone: +1 586 445 0330
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

SMS group - Washington

750 Manifold Road
Washington, PA 15301
Washington, United States

Phone: +1 724 222 5000
Mail: info.technicalservices(at)

Our corporate office handles the day-to-day operations and departments such as strategic planning, corporate communications, marketing, finance and accounting, human resources, and information technology.

SMS group – Corporate Office/Technical Services Division
100 Sandusky Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Services provided:
· Two on-site facilities at AM/NS Calvert & Outokumpu – Calvert, AL
· HDGL and CAL – AM/NS Calvert
· Continuous casting machines – Outokumpu Stainless
· Roll machining (CNC and manual lathes) and journal welding
· Thermal spray coatings on zinc pot rolls and CGL/CAL furnace rolls
· Licensed North American supplier of Tocalo thermal spray coatings
· PPT for all mold and segment maintenance services at Outokumpu

Plant sizes: 7,000 square feet (HDGL) and 30,000 square feet (caster) – 10 employees

ThyssenKrupp Drive
Calvert, AL 36513

Services provided:
· Mold, oscillator, and segment reconditioning
· Machining and fabrication, specializing in spray piping, mold frames, segments, and dummy bars, specialty gauges
· Field services, including diagnostics, caster evaluation, oscillator monitoring, and optical and laser alignment
· Sole SMS group manufacturer and supplier of caster roll gap sleds
· Field service and repairs of process line equipment

Plant size: 40,000 square feet – 30 employees

East Palestine Division
49560 State Route 14
East Palestine, OH 44413
P: 330-426-4126

Services provided:
· Fabrication and repair of steel mill equipment: continuous casters, basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs), blast furnaces (BFs), coke plants, lifting devices, and rolling mills
· Key account USS ETW – price per ton agreement for complete mold and segment maintenance services
· Large field service crew, rail access, and 300-ton lifting capacities

Plant size: 120,000 square feet – 35 employees

East Pittsburgh Division
770 Braddock Ave.
East Pittsburgh, PA 15112
P: 412-823-4280

Services provided:
· Repair and reconditioning of continuous caster molds and segments
· Material handling equipment and BOF lance repairs
· Submerged and open-arc roll welding
· CNC/manual turning and milling capabilities
· Mold and segment frame machining and weld repairs

Plant size: 98,000 square feet – 70 employees

Gary Division
201 Mississippi St. Unit 12A
Gary, IN 46402
P: 219-880-0256

Services provided:
· Facilities for new roll manufacturing, CNC roll machining, grinding, and cladding services for casters, flat and long product rolling, and process line rolls
· Submerged-arc strip welding process (SAW)
· Electro slag welding process (ESW)
· Submerged-arc wire and open-arc wire welding process
· On-site stress relieving services and CNC milling capabilities

Plant size: 27,000 square feet – 20 employees

Hogansville Division
750 Meriwether Park Dr.
Hogansville, GA 30230
P: 706-637-8228

Services provided:
· Repair and reconditioning of segments, molds, and oscillators
· CNC/manual machining, CNC/manual turning, fabrication, and welding
· Laser-supported field service crew
· SSAB Mobile PPT contract for mold and segment maintenance
· Roll grinding and roll shop management for SSAB Mobile

Plant size: 27,000 square feet – 50 employees

SMS Technical Services LLC Mobile Division
12400 Highway 43 North
Axis, AL 36505

Services provided:
· Full service chock repair facility, work roll chocks and back-up chocks
· Split bearing repair and new bearing housings
· New manufacturing of chocks and all chock-related components
· Extensive machining and welding as well as wire arc thermal spray capabilities
· Diamond plate/tread plate lug machining of HSM work rolls

Plant size: 32,000 square feet – 40 employees

Mokena Division
19700 South 97th Ave.
Mokena, IL 60448
P: 708-479-1333

Services provided:
· Mold, oscillator, and segment repair services for SSAB – Iowa
· New fabrication and repair of under-hook lifting equipment
· Manual and CNC milling and turning
· MIG, TIG, stick, and gas shielded welding capabilities
· Field service support

Plant size: 16,000 square feet – 20 employees

Muscatine Division
1750 Bill Sharp Blvd.
Muscatine, IA 52761
P: 563-381-9102

Services provided:
· Dedicated full-service continuous caster mold repair shop
· Design, manufacture, recondition, update, and upgrade of continuous caster molds and copper mold plates
· UniGuard® and NanoGuard® mold coatings as well as electroplated copper and nickel
· Powder coating for water jacket internal and external surfaces
· Global SMS group provider for TG/2 mold taper gauges and other specialty gauges

Plant size: 130,000 square feet – 80 employees

Oil City Division
671 Colbert Ave.
Oil City, PA 16301
P: 814-677-9400

Services provided:
· Roll shop management at Big River Steel - hot strip and PLTCM
· Electroplating services for mold coppers
· Segment and mold repair services
· Field service and laser survey technicians
· Chock and bearing maintenance programs

Plant size: 55,000 square feet - 50 employees

Osceola Division
2100 US-61
Osceola, AR 72370
P: 870-576-2036

Services provided:
· Caster mold and segment refurbishment
· Submerged-arc and open-arc roll welding and assembly
· Welding, fabrication, and CNC machining and turning
· Alignment gauge certification and verification
· USS Great Lakes PPT customer for mold caster and segment repairs

Plant size: 74,500 square feet – 60 employees

Taylor Division
15200 Huron Ave.
Taylor, MI 48180
P: 734-246-8230

Services provided:
· Chrome plating facility and EDT facility
· Work roll and back-up roll grinding, chrome plating, electroless nickel

Plant sizes: 43,000 square feet

Warren Division
12880 East 9 Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48089
P: 586-445-0330

Services provided:
· Rolling mill gear box, gearing, and drive spindle repairs (SIEFLEX spindle repairs)
· AGC cylinder and bending block reconditioning and testing
· Reel and mandrel new manufacturing and repairs
· Large-part general machining and fabrication (CNC milling and turning)
· Sub-arc roll welding, general fabrication, and stress relieving
· Back-up chock repairs and reconditioning

Plant size: 150,000 square feet – 40 employees

Washington Division
750 Manifold Rd.
Washington, PA 15301
P: 724-222-5000

Services provided:
· On-site roll shop at AK Dearborn - PLTCM
· Work, intermediate and back-up roll grinding
· Roll chock and dechock capabilities
· Maintain HSM shim pack program

Plant size: 67,000 square feet

Dearborn Division
4001 Miller Road
Dearborn, MI 48120
P: 313-322-4890


Key accounts

  • AK Steel
  • Allegheny Technologies, Inc
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Arconic
  • Big River Steel
  • Essar
  • Evraz
  • Atlas Tube
  • Gerdau
  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • NLMK
  • North Star BlueScope
  • Nucor
  • Mueller
  • Outokumpu
  • Hydro



  • SSAB
  • Steel Dynamics, Inc
  • Tenaris
  • Ternium
  • TimkenSteel
  • TMK Ipsco
  • United States Steel
  • ThyssenKrupp


SMSgroup Dunworth, Doug

Doug Dunworth

SMS group
President and CEO
100 Sandusky Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Pittsburgh
United States

Phone : +1 412 231 1200