Long-term service agreements

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works, Russia

The cooperation between MMK and SMS on caster No. 6 established a strong team spirit that let to top performance. Together they formed an alliance to which both contribute their respective strengths for joint success.

With regard to costs, the SMS maintenance team realizes a benefit of more than 15 percent of the life cycle costs in the annual maintenance budget compared to equivalent plants in the MMK group. Therefore in 2014, MMK extended the cooperation on caster No. 6 by three more years.

MMK benefits

  • Trouble-free operation of the continuous caster No. 6 since April 2012
  • Ramp-up curve: 33 percent better than planned 
  • Plant availability: 86 percent
SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image
Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works in Russia is happy to concen- trate on its core task and concurrently benefit in the complete maintenance by SMS since 2009.