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High reliability, high precision - our bearings for wire rod blocks

Plain bearings and high-precision bearing in wire rod mills have to cope with extreme stresses because they are subject to high rotational speeds and dynamic loads. To take the strain, our bearings are precision-fitted and designed for maximum service life. That ensures top process stability.

Special plain bearings for wire rod blocks image

These bearings also feature tin coating which protects them against corrosion and at the same time reduces sliding resistance. The hydrodynamic design means an oil film provides perfect lubrication during rotation between the bearing body and the part supported. Also featured is an oil groove in the unloaded bearing half which ensures uniform lubricant distribution.

Our product portfolio includes cylindrical and "lemon-shaped" bearings to cover a variety of load/speed combinations - high loads and low speeds (cylindrical) or high speeds and low loads (lemon-shaped). Specific to the high- speed plain bearings are a loaded and an unloaded half. To make their integration even easier for you, they are compatible with wire rod mills from other manufacturers. So you can use SMS group plain bearings in existing plant components without any design or mechanical modifications.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • High reliability due to OEM quality
  • Top vibration damping
  • Low friction, long service life
  • Heat dissipating and heat resistant
  • Lead-free anti-corrosion layer
  • Compatible with wire rod mills from other manufacturers
High=precision bearings for wire rod blocks image

Roller bearings support axles, shafts, and bevel gears in wire rod blocks securely and accurately. They ensure precise, low-friction, low-vibration rotation of the components. This is an application where roller bearings have to meet special requirements. That's because the finishing block roll stands in particular transmit extraordinarily high speeds and torques through the drive train.

Precise, stable, and highly effective image

We manufacture our roller bearings to high precision standards so they accommodate the necessary axial and radial loads.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for top rolling speeds
  • Low-friction, low-vibration rotation of mill components
  • Precise axial guidance of work rolls
  • High-precision design for longer service life
  • Top-quality original parts, available from stock
  • Compatible with blocks from other manufacturers