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Parts availability over the entire life cycle

Ever more complex production systems and shorter innovation cycles present a particular challenge. When the spare parts you need are no longer available or the new generation is not 100% compatible, you risk plant standstills. That's why SMS group constantly monitors the availability of all parts and, where necessary, offers modern alternatives - even for parts from third-party suppliers. This ensures competitiveness and full productivity over the entire life cycle of your plant.


Spare parts & logistics

Fixed prices and delivery times

Whether large, machine-specific components or standard products - we keep a backup inventory of the components you specify. That means you can rely on rapid delivery of all the products you require. It also makes purchasing spare parts easier. We regularly get together with you to agree on terms and conditions.

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One-stop shopping provider

Our spare parts service provides quick and easy access to equipment, spare parts in OEM quality, and catalogue parts ...

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Spare parts management

Avoiding downtimes while cutting capital tied up in spare parts inventories are two key goals of spare parts ...

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When you outsource warehousing to us, we take care of your entire stock management. The first step is to jointly define the type and...

Oil film bearings

X-Roll® Oil Bearing

Hydrodynamic roll-neck bearings from SMS group are highly advanced and elementary components of modern rolling mill technology. That's because they support the load-bearing backup rolls. Even under extremely tough operating conditions, they ensure long roll service life and minimal maintenance outlay. This is how roll-neck bearings contribute substantially to meeting the high requirements for optimal final strip geometry.

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3D Spray Heads

Breakthrough in die maintenance

3D spray heads by additive manufacturing at SMS group

Drop forging presses are used, for example, in the automotive industry. The spray head removes scale from the dies, cools the die surface, applies lubricants and dries the dies. The tool cavities of drop forging presses are in part geometrically so complex that conventional manufacturing methods of spray heads reach their limits. This is exactly where additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, reveals its strengths.

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