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With a rich legacy and a committed purpose to shaping the future, we can look back on a successful history in Brazil that initiated in the 1970s.

This profound expertise, complemented by strategic acquisitions like Paul Wurth and Vetta, solidifies our position as leading full-service provider for the South American metallurgical and mining industries.

SMS group is committed to pioneering innovative solutions and is currently taking on the major challenge of ushering in an era of environmentally friendly metal production. Our goal is to promote carbon-neutral and sustainable practices, contributing to the global quest for greener and more responsible metallurgy.



SMS group Brasil

Since its foundation, SMS group Brasil has successfully completed numerous projects in the field of steel and nonferrous metals, including metallurgical plants such as electric furnaces for steel and ferroalloys, converters, secondary metallurgy plants, continuous casting plants, hot and cold rolling mills, processing lines for long and flat products, and also several projects in the field of forging technology and extrusion presses.

The result of this wide range of experience is highly qualified staff, spread over four locations in Brazil, able to respond quickly to the demands of the local market and offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Paul Wurth Brasil

Paul Wurth Brasil, the Brazilian branch of the Luxembourg group, was set up in Belo Horizonte in July 1977. The decision to open a local company was motivated by Belgo Mineira’s project to build the new blast furnace 5 at their João Monlevade plant in Minas Gerais. Paul Wurth was part of the consortium aiming to accomplish this large-scale project commissioned in 1980.

Paul Wurth Brasil is renowned not only in Brazil, but also within the South American steel and nonferrous market, as a company that offers high-quality equipment and cutting-edge technology. 

What we value the most is being appreciated for the outstanding and long-standing relationship of trust with our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Our company’s success story has only been possible because Paul Wurth Brasil has continuously counted on an extremely competent, multidisciplinary, and highly committed team. Not to mention the valuable support provided over the years by the entire Paul Wurth Group throughout its competence centres worldwide.

SMS group Brasil

  • Our services

    Our offer for steel and rolling mills and processing lines:

    • Feasibility studies
    • Repair and modernization of equipment
    • Engineering and manufacturing of equipment
    • Technical support
    • Supply of spare parts
    • Technical maintenance services
    • On site services
  • Engineering

    With an experienced engineering team using the latest software versions, tools and proven methodologies, SMS group Brasil can identify customer needs through an initial diagnosis of equipment conditions. Our on-site specialists perform 3D scans, thermographic measurements, non-destructive testing, metallographic analysis, dimensional tracking by laser and visual inspections using augmented reality glasses to connect with SMS global experts to identify critical points. On-site measurements are evaluated, taking into account the experience gained in reference projects worldwide, in order to propose the best technical solution. All this is done with the help of 3D models, finite element analyses (taking into account the 3D scans collected on site) and computer-aided fluid dynamics simulations.

  • Field service

    Safety, quality and meticulous planning are the issues to which the field service experts in Brazil pay particular attention to. The service portfolio of SMS group Brasil includes scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance activities, assembly work, repairs and modernizations at the customer's site within the entire SMS group portfolio.


  • Vespasiano workshop, Minas Gerais

    The workshop comprises an area of 2,000 m2 and specializes in the repair and upgrade of products such as copper plates, including the UNIGUARD™ premium coating, rolls from processing lines such as zinc pot and furnace rolls, core components from rolling mills like mandrels and coilers, caster molds and segments, as well as parts for submerged arc furnaces.

    Besides the complete electroplating facilities needed to repair cooper plates of slab caster molds, the workshop is equipped with a thermal spray unit, an HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) machine, and a five-axis machining center supplied by reputable European companies.

    In addition, the Vespasiano site has a dedicated workshop to manufacture welded parts like BOF hoods, ducts for cooling stacks, cooled panels for electric arc furnaces and submerged arc furnaces, electrode arms and columns, ladle furnace and EAF roofs, as well as dedusting channel parts. Long-life performance of the cooled parts is ensured through special coatings applied by welding or spraying. This enables customers to benefit from high quality combined with competitive prices.

  • Serra workshop, Espírito Santo

    Employing a force of more than 30 experts, the Serra workshop is located in the city of Vitória and started its activities in 2010. Based on long-term contracts, it is exclusively dedicated to the repair of segment rolls from continuous casting machines and can be considered an extension of the mold and segment workshops of the customers. Among others, the activities comprise assembling and disassembling caster rolls, spare parts management, roll cladding and machining, as well as the performance of tests.

  • Santana de Parnaíba workshop (SMS Elotherm), São Paulo

    Our workshop concentrates on the scope of SMS Elotherm and specializes in the supply and repair of inductive furnaces and components for the automotive, forging and extrusion industries. Our services: Diagnostics, modernizations and repairs.

  • Sertãozinho workshop, São Paulo

    It is our largest workshop in Brazil at approx. 5,500 m2. It is specialized in the production of cooled and welded parts for electric furnaces, converters, dedusting systems, ducts, roofs, hoods, arms, etc.

    Thanks to our know-how and wide range of resources, we are able to coat our products with high-quality material that certifies excellence in performance, especially in high-wear areas.

Paul Wurth Brasil

  • Our services

    Plants and equipment for direct and indirect reduction of ironmaking:

    • Feasibility studies
    • Basic or detailed conceptual engineering
    • Supply of technical systems and equipment
    • Supervision of installation and commissioning
    • Technical support
    • Supply of spare parts
    • Equipment repair and overhaul
    • Research and development of technologies
    • Electromechanical assembly and maintenance
  • Paul Wurth Brasil Services

    In 2008, an increased demand for local services led to the creation of Paul Wurth Brasil Services, a new, dedicated unit, providing support to Paul Wurth customers with regard to maintenance services, spare parts, repair, and reconditioning of all Paul Wurth and TMT equipment, as well as the manufacture of small components.

    Paul Wurth Brasil Services provides high-quality after-sales services by ensuring appropriate support through experts who provide services such as:

    • Inspection/assessment
    • Technical assistance
    • On-site shutdown assistance
    • Maintenance support
    • On-the-job training
    • Consulting/advice on spare parts inventory management
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic stations
    • Consumables supply for casthouse equipment


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Marcellus Piedade

Marcellus Piedade

Managing Director SMS group Brasil

+55 (31) 2125-1100
Av. Dois, 230 - Distrito Industrial Parque Norte,
Vespasiano - Minas Gerais, 33203-142.
Paulo Pinheiro

Paulo Pinheiro

Managing Director Paul Wurth Brasil

+55 (31) 3228-2800
Rua Andaluzita, 110 - Carmo,
Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais, 30310-030.


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