Deep automation meets centralized process control

Our vision is centered on establishing autonomous metal production. On the path to this vision, we collaborate with our customers to create comprehensive solutions, integrating our complete portfolio of automation, digitalization, and technical services, and empower our customers to concentrate fully on their core business and operate their plants on a level beyond imagination.

With our X-Pact® Lights-Out electrics & automation portfolio, we contribute to our vision of autonomous plant operation by merging centralized operator stations with sophisticated process models as well as smart tools for communication and plant visualization.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Highest level of automation
  • Remote operation of entire production complexes
  • Reduced on-site crew for operation & maintenance
  • A highly qualified team of experts
  • Maximum transparency of plant operations
  • Synergies over different sites

Operating in a highly dynamic and resource-saving way from centralized on-site or even off-site operator stations

Centralization of the control stations

Centralization of the control stations

We envision centralized control rooms that oversee all of a customer’s global plants.

Our X-Pact® One Pulpit as a single control pulpit per line or a centralized operator station for the entire plant complex, combines the state-of-the-art plant visualization concept with advanced process control and operator guidance.

For large companies with various locations, X-Pact® Integrated Operating Center (IOC) consolidates all the operational expertise related to production processes in a single location and thus intensify the exchange of information among members of the core operations team. It makes also possible to establish centralized training centers using digital twins and global operating centers that are always available regardless of the time zone.

Our first AI-based X-Pact® Integrated Operating Center for the entire 460 mm pipe line we realised for Daye Special Steel in China.

For PTKS in Indonesia, we installed X-Pact® One Pulpit for the full HSM operation, from which the entire rolling mill is controlled.
Highest level of automation

Highest level of automation

Numerous technology packages with sophisticated process models and optimization systems from our X-Pact® family automation solutions improve the efficiency of everyday production, aiming to achieve the highest level of process stability. To this end, the various units of a plant complex are completely networked and connected to remote control pulpits. With the use of AI analytics, our automation system utilizes data from X-Pact® Sense smart sensors and camera-based solutions to respond to abnormal situations during production. Real-time views of the plant, along with augmented reality (AR) and 3D visualizations displayed on large screens enable operational supervision for all stages of production.

Smart tools for communication with the field personnel used by our automation experts from X-Pact® Service for remote control and support help to avoid unplanned breakdowns and improve process stability as well as operator safety.

For e.g. X-Pact® Centerline Control uses a closed-loop algorithm to calculate the strip center line deviation and provides a levelling correction signal for the hot strip mill stands. Mathematical algorithms supported by AI ensure optimal guidance of the whole strip.
Streamlined and secure data management

Streamlined and secure data management

A streamlined data management across all levels of automation and digital tools enables closed-loop process control and preventive operator guidance. X-Pact® Process Guidance automation technology creates the necessary transparency for your plant and links knowledge and data intelligently, ensuring a basic connectivity in all directions. SMS DataFactory converts raw data into information by adding relational, process, or time series data with meta information, harmonized data descriptions and interfaces.

Our holistic automation data security concept X-Pact® Defense in Depth protects IT/OT infrastructures from cyber attacks and so helps to secure high availability levels for the plants and equipment concerned. 

Secure OT data across the entire plant are a prerequisite for digitalized processe.

The path to autonomous operation

Our comprehensive approach for autonomous operation results in a self-optimizing plant that blends 150 years of expertise in mechanics, electrics, automation, digitalization, and services for an innovative metallurgical plant design. The interconnected plant units are managed from remote control pulpits, providing real-time views, augmented reality, and 3D visualizations on large screens. Centralized control rooms increase efficiency by minimizing on-site personnel and fostering collaboration and employee safety. Seamlessly incorporated predictive solutions for process optimization, condition monitoring, product quality, production planning, and energy management, reduce integration risks, enhance interoperability.

Our unified approach considers the entire value chain of a plant and allows for handling diverse and conflicting KPIs efficiently, thus elevating overall productivity. By automating tasks and autonomously streamlining processes, we enhance operational efficiency, save time, and cut labor costs.

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