Field buses, PLCs, process models, edge devices, sensors and actuators... level 1 and level 2 automation in steel production generates huge amount of data in every process. A modern CSP® plant for instance generates up to 3 tb of data a month utilizing up to 15000 signals from 2700 sensors. But each steel plant runs different systems from different vendors for different machines. The result is huge amounts of data that are hardly described or linked, sometimes contradictory and hardly understandable. Yet data is a goldmine when it comes to sustainably improving production processes and it is the fuel for digitalization. The aim must be to turn data into value.

SMS group services stand for connectivity. With our domain knowhow and enhanced automation and digitalization expertise we at SMS group ensure a connectivity in all directions. This means that all data generated by the automation systems are described in a standardized way. In addition, we ensure the smooth operation and networking of every system, whether it is a new installation or a brownfield project. We ensure that all systems interact smoothly and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructures. Our digital systems draw on automation data to derive actionable items, which in turn can be fed back to the maintenance team, operator or closed-loop to the level-2 automation.