The SMS group Tianjin workshop focuses especially on:

  • Zinc pot roll coating
  • Furnace roll manufacturing, plating, and coating
  • Work roll chroming
  • Electric discharge texturing (EDT)

SMS group is dedicated to top quality, and the Tianjin workshop is no exception. That’s why all our managers are highly experienced, and all our technical employees have trained at SMS group companies in Germany or the US.

Our Tianjin workshop specializes in reconditioning a wide range of equipment. Included here are roll sets for zinc bath equipment – used in hot dip galvanizing lines (HDGL), furnace rolls for HDGL, and continuous annealing lines (CAL), as well as electrical discharge texturing (EDT) and chrome plating work rolls for steel cold mills, plus aluminum hot and cold mills.

To achieve the best results, our workshop uses state-of-the-art machinery, specifically thermal spraying equipment, CNC & conventional lathes, shot blasters, journal welding machines, a curing furnace for roll sealing, electrical discharge texturing equipment (EDT), and the latest in chrome plating systems.