Mönchengladbach location

The SMS Campus and Mönchengladbach are a good match: As a business hub for technology, service and digitalization, the building complex benefits from the city's focus on using integrated and area-wide fiber optic networks as part of its "Gigabit City MG" strategy. 

With its urban development strategy "mg+ Growing City", Mönchengladbach aims, among other things, to strengthen the city as a business location and to develop as a center of innovation. The strategy for Mönchengladbach and the design of the SMS group Campus provide many starting points for a good neighborhood. The new project also fits these aims geographically, as its entrance is within walking distance of the city. The Campus therefore acts as a link between urban development and the production workshops.  

Former mayor Hans Wilhelm Reiners was looking forward to the Campus: "This decision marks a positive change for Mönchengladbach, and it could hardly be any better." The campus brings jobs, innovation, technology and economic strength to the city on the Lower Rhine, which in turn offers SMS group employees an attractive working and living environment. As a "big city in the countryside", Mönchengladbach combines urban life with easy access to the natural and cultural landscape of the Lower Rhine. At the same time, the major cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf are just a short distance away.