What can you expect from the training course?

  • Course duration: 3 years (can be shortened to 2½ years)
  • In-house, hands-on teaching alongside vocational school
  • An exciting and diversified training course with theory modules but also a great deal of practical learning content in our training centers or in the various  technical departments
  • Customized training, additional English language lessons, business simulations, or even the chance to spend time abroad
  • Colleagues who will support, guide and coach you all the way

What qualifications and attributes do you need to bring?

  • Ideally an entrance qualification for advanced technical college
  • Thoroughness, resilience, and enthusiasm for technology
  • Interest in topics relating to business administration and a logical mindset
  • Good math and English language skills
  • Ability to communicate and work in a team

What do we offer you?

  • Monthly salary: 1st year: €1,031.55; 2nd year: €1,082.91; 3rd year: €1,159.22; (from May 2024: 1st year: €1,065.59; 2nd year: €1,118.65; 3rd year:    €1,197.47)
  • Diverse insights into our complex and highly automated plants and machines
  • Learn all about designing and operating innovative IT solutions from IT professionals in our data centers and software development departments
  • Collaboration within our international team of developers during your training
  • Good post-training career prospects with options for assignments in areas such as plant automation, digital product development, data analysis and  forecasts, or in-house application development
  • Extensive further training options in the IT world, for example upskilling as an IT specialist/professional
  • Financial support to take a course of study during your vocational training or after you have completed your training