What can you expect from the training course?

  • Course duration: 3½ years (can be shortened to 3 years)
  • In-house, hands-on teaching alongside vocational school
  • An exciting and diversified training course with theory modules but also a great deal of practical learning content in our training centers or in the various  technical departments
  • Customized training, additional English language lessons, or even the chance to spend time abroad
  • Colleagues who will support, guide and coach you all the way

What qualifications and attributes do you need to bring?

  • Ideally, high school entrance qualification or convincing technical college entrance qualification
  • Sense of responsibility and attention to detail
  • Interest in technology and good spatial awareness and visual thinking
  • Good knowledge of math, IT, science and technology, as well as good English language skills
  • Ability to communicate and work in a team

What do we offer you?

  • Monthly salary: 1st year: €1,065.59; 2nd year: €1,118.65;  3rd year: €1,197.47; 4th year: €1,300.99
  • Diverse insights into the design, simulation or presentation of equipment assemblies and component parts and into their visualization using 3D programs or  the implementation of new ideas via 3D printing technology
  • Ongoing engagement with other teams from the design phase through to production release
  • Knowledge of how to handle sustainable materials responsibly in new product manufacturing, product cycles, and service product systems
  • Good post-training career prospects in our design, development, service or sales departments
  • Extensive further training options, for example upskilling as a technical specialist or state-certified technician Financial support to take a course of study during your vocational training or after you have completed your training