United States, Sinton (Texas)01. Dec 2021

Continuous galvanizing/galvalume line

For cold and hot strip galvanizing, the SDI plant is equipped with a continuous galvanizing line including a horizontal Drever furnace heated by a direct-fired and a radiant-tube zone.

The line is prepared for the later installation of an ultra-fast gas cooling section to allow for future production of high-strength steel. The scope of supply also includes a DUMA-BANDZINK air knife system that will homogeneously and precisely set the zinc layer thickness to ensure high surface quality. A change system with two zinc pots permits the strips to be coated with a conventional zinc layer or an aluminum-zinc alloy. For post-treatment, the line is equipped with a four-high skin-pass mill stand, a tension leveler and two horizontal shuttle-roll coaters, as well as with an oiling machine in the exit section. The galvanizing line is able to process strips with a thickness of up to 4.0 mm (0.16") and a width up to 1,930 mm (76") . Its annual capacity will be 500,000 tons (0.55 million short tons).

Main data

Strip width

965 – 1,930 mm

Strip thickness

0.25 – 4 mm

Entry speed

274 m/min

Process speed

198 m/min

Exit speed

274 m/min


475,400 t/year

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