Sweden, Degerfors01. Jan 2013

Efficient water supply and treatment - Less energy consumption, lower costs

In 2013, SMS group installed a new water supply and treatment system to ensure sufficient supply to the quenching station of water in the required quality and at the required temperatures.

SMS group has designed the system in such a manner that the costs and the burden on the environment are reduced over the entire life cycle. To achieve this goal, e.g. the pumps of the system run at variable speeds, which allows optimal adapting of the power to the production process and hence a considerable reduction of the energy costs.

Recirculation cooling is by way of heat exchangers in which river water is used as cooling medium. Advantages: The water losses due to evaporation in the laminar cooling circuit are reduced. The pipes and tubes, filter containers and other components in contact with water are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion or the use of additional chemicals. Scale particles, oils and greases are removed in a sedi-mentation basin.


Main components

  • Pump stations
  • Filter station (pressureless sand filters; lamellar clarifiers for filter sludge)
  • Heat exchanger station


Pumping station

Main data

Cooling capacity 1,200 kw
At river temparature max. 15°C
Cooling water circulating flowrate 5,400 m³/h
Cooling water temperature 30°C
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