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150 years of shaping the future

SMS Insights 2023-02

In this issue of SMS insights, we use our 150th anniversary to look ahead. In the focus section, the new SMS group CEO Jochen Burg provides an outlook on our strategy, focusing on the term "performance". We then look to the future and ask what the steel industry will look like in 2050 and what role service will play. Finally, Heinrich Weiss takes a very personal look back at the history of SMS.

What else to expect? Do not miss the success stories with Aurubis, SULB, Fabrimetal and Salzgitter, the story on EASyMelt, new technology and insights on integrated performance services. Enjoy your read!

150 years of shaping the future

  • "We want to become our customers' performance partners". Interview with SMS group CEO Jochen Burg
  • The steel industry in 2050. A look into the crystal ball
  • Disruptive services solutions for autonomous plants. Service relationships beyond classic boundaries.
  • Lead the way in copper recycling. The multi-metal recycling plant of Aurubis
  • Integrated performance services. The new partnership approach for supporting customers
  • The most modern galvanizing line in Europe. Technology and project management at Salzgitter Flachstahl
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