Any of our references represents a tailor-made network of automation, digitalization and services, oftentimes merged with additional innovative business models. With stepping into a partnership with our customers, we bring the entire range of skills, technologies and experiences, that SMS group has to offer to the table, to create something that truly suites our customers requirements. That´s what makes SMS group the leading partner in the world of metals. And that´s what enables our customers to boost their plants performance over its entire lifecycle.  

We create your asset

In an industrial context the complexity of metallurgical plants is unparalleled. Yet, they are of vast economic and ecologic impact for their owners and the regions they are situated in. At SMS group, our global engineering teams support you throughout the entire lifespan of your plant. From the first feasibility studies and business modelling, engineering and high-quality manufacturing all the way to a state-of-the-art plant ready for operation.

The digital twin - as real as steel

One of our favorite topics at SMS group may sound a little perplexing at first, but bear with us; it's worth it. Let’s talk about creating a digital reality that is so close to the physical steelmaking reality, that they are virtually indistinguishable from one another in terms of the data they produce. Why would anyone want to do that? Because in the context of a modern steel mill, that means saving a ton of resources and money. But that's just half the story - let's take a closer look at the fascinating world of the digital twin and how it fits into the SMS group Lifecycle Partnership concept.

Nucor Steel Gallatin: Integrated automation and production planning

SMS group supplied the line as a complete unit, including the X-Pact® automation and process models, the material tracking system with quality documentation, the advanced Manufacturing Execution Suite 4.0, and the digital sensor system for the whole plant. 

Virtual integration testing and operator training

In our test fields we are exhaustively testing and pre-optimizing the automation system of our customers specific plants as they would be commissioned – allowing our customer to start earning a return on their investment that much faster. Customer training is an essential component of our X-Pact® Plug & Work integration testing concept. But if nobody is able to travel due to the pandemic to the test site, there is only one way to test and train: bring the test field to our customer. We see our newly created remote approach as so much more than just a stopgap measure. Not just for future testing and training scenarios where travel is not practical or possible, but as a solid basis for enhanced automation and digitalization solutions for entirely autonomous production offerings like X-Pact® Lights-Out.

We increase your performance

Markets keep changing, so plant technology requires continuous upgrades and evolution to maintain profitability and performance. Together with our customers we develop individual measures regarding data-driven process optimization, maintenance and staff training to tap and ensure the full potential of your plant.

Digital downtime prevention for electric arc furnaces

By merging our digital asset optimization suite, advanced data analytics and OPEX-based business models, we design integrated solutions that proactively contribute in the reduction of unplanned downtimes for electric arc furnaces.  

Digital quality enhancement for continuous casting

Our customer decided to push product quality at the CSP® plant and explicitly wanted to improve product quality KPIs by reducing longitudinal facial cracks. At the same time, higher productivity and a more secure plant operation would have to be assured while at the same time avoiding breakouts.

Production planning for a fossil-free future of the steel industry

When stepping into a fossil-free future the metals industry also production systems are affected, that need to be adapted to new production processes and to ensure holistic sustainability. SMS group developed a digital system platform including our Manufacturing Execution Suite 4.0 to smoothly replace existing systems while at the same time consider established workflows and the requirements of fossil-free steel production.

We manage your lifecycle

A modernization can give a new life to plants and make them fit for future markets. It is the combination of latest engineering tools, the use of digital twins, intensive testing and our vast experience with challenging revamps that make our modernization projects your success.

Continuous modernization of heavy plate mill automation systems

The 3.5-m heavy plate mill of our customer Handan Iron & Steel went online in 2006. After a major modernization in 2014, which already improved the plant in terms of product quality and product portfolio, Handan decided in 2021 to relocate the plant. In line with that reallocation, the customer assigned us with upgrading the plant even further and integrating an additional millstand into our X-Pact® automation system.

Modernization CSP® plant EZDK

The sales phase for this project began in as early as 2012 and was initially limited to automation. Meticulous stakeholder analysis and an extensive site survey that we performed as part of the contract revealed several additional solutions required to deliver what the client was looking for. As a result, the project became one of the largest orders for SMS group in 2015.  

Modernization of a cathode shaft furnace in only three weeks

After more than 40 years of operation, increasing maintenance costs had to be recognized. Increasing repair works on the steel vessel had to be done and finally it was decided to build a new furnace, which is occupied with newest technology for safe and efficient operation.”


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