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The world of metals is becoming increasingly complex. To be the leading partner for our customers in transforming the metals industry, SMS group bundles all competencies from the areas of electrics/automation, digitalization and technical service.

Together with our customers, we develop integrated solutions that are specifically geared to the customer's use case. Following the modular principle, we combine products and services from the three areas of EA, digitalization and technical service with performance-based business models. We focus on key performance indicators such as plant availability, product quality, productivity and delivery reliability, but also on sustainability and occupational safety. ­­

We cover the entire plant life cycle

We CREATE your asset

For new plants, we help to shorten the ramp-up curve of the plant and increase the overall performance of the plant. To do this, we ensure that our electrical and automation solutions harmonize as well as possible with our digital solutions. Solutions such as the SMS DataFactory, digital twins or the Plug & Work Integration Test are of central importance here.

We INCREASE your performance

During plant operation, we ensure a stable production process, maintain and increase plant performance, and help our customers make data-based decisions. We turn data into information and information into added value by deriving tangible recommendations for action for plant operation or maintenance based on current process data.

We MANAGE your life cycle

We help our customers to extend and optimize the life cycle of their plant. Here, our customers benefit from intensive service partnerships, maintenance and repair services in manufacturer quality or long-term outsourcing partnerships as well as consulting and training measures.

By combining our integrated services with performance-based business models, we become a long-term partner for our customers and help them focus on their core competencies. With our integrated solutions, we cover the entire life cycle of the plant.

As SMS group, we have the best prerequisites to accompany our customers on their path to more sustainability and profitability. In our integrated solutions, we combine 150 years of experience in metallurgy and plant engineering with expertise in digitalization. Thanks to our dense services network with over 5,000 employees in more than 60 locations, we are close to our customers. Both together make SMS group the leading partner in the world of metals.

Automation & digitalization

Latest automation and digitalization is opening up a wide field of possibilities for efficiently operating entire plant complexes in a highly dynamic and resource-saving way.

Human intervention is less often needed since proven highly sophisticated automation and digital applications enable intelligent interconnectivity between all plant parts.

Today, we provide digital-ready plants only. With our domain know-how and enhanced automation expertise we provide an excellent basis for digital solutions. It means we have a holistic approach from sensor level up to latest digitalization developments.

Our products and solutions

Find here more details on our holistic services solutions from digitalization, electrics and automation, technical service as well as training and consulting.

Performance-based subscription models

To enforce the longevity of our partnership along the whole equipment lifecycle, our integrated solutions can be offered as innovative performance-based subscription models. For our customers this results in increased plant performance and performance guarantees while at the same time having full cost control and increased flexibility compared to regular one-off sales. To compose solutions that fully meet our customers demand, we follow a transparent three-step approach. At first, starting from our customers process, we identify critical assets and determine the individual project scope. Secondly, based on the respective customer needs we recommend solution packages consisting of all of SMS groups competences including automation, digitalization, and technical services. In a third and final step, the ideal business model is selected with all its commercial specifics such as guarantees, contract model, payment model and financing.

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