Algeria, Bethioua01. Dec 2018

World production record for a single direct reduction module

End of 2018, Paul Wurth and its technology partner, Midrex Technologies completed and commissioned their first joint DRI plant, being also, at that time, the single largest multi-product DRI plant in the world.

In 2021, Tosyali produced 2.28 million tonnes of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) breaking  Tosyali’s own record from the year before, setting new heights in only its second year of operation.

This success motivated Tosyali to invest in boosting its production capacity by a further 2.5 million tonnes with an additional MIDREX DRI plant to complement the existing one at its steelworks in Bethioua (Oran), Algeria. Paul Wurth, a MIDREX licensee, received the order in July 2021.

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