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PL/TCM with outstanding flexibility

The PL/TCM is characterized by its outstanding flexibility, as it is suitable for both coupled and independent operation of pickling line and tandem cold mill. Cold strip with minimal final gauge of 0.20 mm is produced at the line.

The special feature of this TCM is, that it can be operated both in continuous operation coupled to the upstream continuous pickling line as well as in batch mode. SDI Sinton has also the opportunity to sell just pickled and oiled strips. Furthermore SDI Sinton is able to produce cold rolled coils, which have been pickled at different plant / sources.

The flexibility comes with some challenges for the process control.

To cope with it, SMS installed its high sophisticated X-Pact® total roll gap control (TRC®) within the TCM automation package. The threading in and tailing out system minimizes strip off-gauge weight and/or lengths and therefore increases the yield substantially.

The five-stand/ 6-high TCM is designed to roll a wide range of materials that each come with their own requirements.

Proven control elements, such as CVC®plus technology combined with enhanced shifting system (ESS) for the intermediate rolls, positive and negative work and intermediate roll bending, highly dynamic hydraulic adjustment systems and multi-zone cooling in the last stand, together with the X-Shape flatness measurement and control system guarantee optimal strip flatness and thickness tolerances. The dry strip system behind the last stand has low compressed air requirements and prepares the strip surface for downstream processes. Contributing to the high proportion of high-strength steels, the carousel reel is equipped with the new revolving mandrel support bearing.

It supports the mandrel during coiling and allows for higher tension winding, thereby ensuring higher reductions and improved flatness at the strip head end. The exit section includes an offline inspection stand for inspection of the finished strip.

The TCM is equipped with the latest generation of emission control technology. The new design provides a push-pull system with air nozzles and specially designed exhaust hoods, resulting in lower released-air volume rates. The system ensures that the stringent limit values for filterable and condensable substances in the released air are met.


Concept of the TCM arrangement, coupled to a continuous pickling line. The continuous TCM exit section is equipped with the redesigned carousel reel by SMS group, capable of winding high-strength grades under high tension in any mandrel position.

Main data

Material Structural steel, LC,CQ,DQ, HSLA, API (pickled and oiled mode only), DP
Strip width 965 – 1,981 mm
Strip thickness

6.35 – 1.4 mm (entry)

2.54 – 0.20 mm (exit)
Capacity 1,000,000 t/year
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