The new SMS manufacturing and service workshop in Bhubaneswar, state of Odisha, equipped with machinery of the latest state of the art, is strategically located close to our customers. Most of them are within a range of some 300 km. Especially conveniently located are the marine ports of Paradip (140 km) and Vizag (400 km), in close proximity of the plant. Via this gateway, our manufacturing shop will be able to also supply products to markets outside India.

Workshop data

  • Floor space: 21,000 m2
  • Maximum capacities: crane: 20 t, machines: 15 t
  • Copper plate capacities: 240 broad sides, 300 narrow sides
  • CNC milling machines (with five and three axes)
  • Box-plating stations
  • Immersion baths
  • Testing and inspection devices
  • Laboratory
  • Special tools
SMS group workshop India