CSP® – the leading thin slab technology

Today, CSP® (Compact Strip Production) is the world’s leading thin slab technology. Pioneered by SMS group in 1989, it has transformed the world of flat steel production – and continues to do so. Launching the CSP® Nexus plant, SMS moved a great leap forward to efficient integrated casting and rolling of green steel.

CSP® Nexus

  • A new era in casting and rolling

    The CSP® Nexus concept is the new benchmark in thin slab casting and rolling with respect to productivity, flexibility and product spectrum. It takes full advantage of high throughput casting and the latest developments in hot rolling, and it utilizes batch and endless operation where this is beneficial. 

    Key features include: 

    • A caster with a throughput of 8 t/min and more
    • The decoupled rolling process with additional powerful roughing mill stands
    • A flexible furnace concept that is operated with natural gas, hydrogen, or electricity alone
  • "Real batch" rolling

    The greatest advantage of CSP® Nexus is the “real batch” rolling process in which, similar to conventional hot strip mills, roughing and finish rolling are two separate phases. To keep as much heat in the process as possible, two or three powerful roughing stands enable roughing to take place at the highest speeds. This means that energy consumption is reduced further, and operating costs are therefore lower. Not only that, the product mix can be expanded to include products with high added value, such as thin-gauge, high-strength grades for automotive applications. At the opposite end of the spectrum, heavy-gauge HSLA for line pipes or wind turbine construction, can also be covered with CSP® Nexus, as it features a process that is capable of fully utilizing real thermomechanical rolling. Only the complete separation of the roughing and finishing phases provides maximum flexibility when it comes to controlling the material speed, temperature, and time profile from the moment it leaves the caster until it reaches the downcoiler.

  • A most flexible concept

    CSP® Nexus is a modular concept with maximum flexibility for a tailor-made solution and can be expanded with for example a second casting strand, lateral slab feeding, induction heating or a high-speed shear for endless operation. It can be designed to run fully electrical and is ready to produce emission-free, green steel. As a result, CSP® Nexus increases and enhances the product mix compared to other combined casting and rolling plants in terms of steel grades and strip dimensions. 

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CSP® technology

  • The world’s most successful thin slab casting and rolling technology

    Main data

    Compact in design, CSP® produces high-quality hot strip in a single manufacturing line that combines casting, heating, and rolling. Our proven CSP® caster with its patented funnel-shaped mold casts thin slabs in thicknesses ranging from 50 to 90 mm. Next, the slabs go into the CSP® furnace for temperature equalization. Straight after that, the CSP® mill rolls them to final strip thickness. Starting with a single-strand CSP® plant, you can cost-effectively produce around 1.5 million tons hot strip per year. Later, add a second casting strand to double your annual capacity.

    CSP concept
  • Low costs, high efficiency

    Want to cut costs as well as harmful emissions? Then you'll love CSP® technology for its low investment costs, low overheads, and high energy efficiency. It's obvious CSP® saves you some real money because you no longer need a roughing mill. Fewer process steps also mean higher process stability. Plus: you reap the eco benefits in the form of 40% less energy consumption compared to a plant with a thick slab caster and conventional hot strip mill

  • Excellent product quality

    This excellent product quality results from perfect temperature homogeneity of the thin slab. It remains constant over the entire length, width, and thickness when it leaves the CSP® furnace before rolling. That guarantees more uniform mechanical properties across the whole width and length of the strip. You also achieve even conditions to ensure an extremely stable, smooth rolling process. This keeps the strip geometry within close tolerances.

  • Large product spectrum

    Our CSP® plants have proven they can produce an extremely wide spectrum of steel grades. Included here are almost all high-quality grades in demand today. Its homogenous production conditions make CSP® ideal for high-quality grades and materials that require exact temperature control. That means you can produce hot strips made from micro-alloyed or multi-phase steels - much more easily, to closer tolerances, and with excellent metallurgical properties.

  • Efficient thin strip production

    CSP® technology offers optimal pre-conditions for the stable production of large amounts of thin-gauge products at low cost. Thin (< 1.5 mm) and ultra-thin (< 1.0 mm) hot strip can be used to substitute cold strip. Thus significant cost advantages can be attained. Some CSP® plants have a share of 60% and more of thin hot strip in gauges between 1.5 mm and 0.8 mm.

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