Technical Services

Field Service

When it comes to operating metallurgical equipment, the demand for increased production, better quality, and less downtime have never been more challenging than they are today. To support companies through these equipment life-cycle challenges, SMS group Inc. offers experienced and qualified field technicians and engineers to provide an unique level of service. From planned maintenance checks to emergency breakdowns, our service team stands ready to answer your calls around the clock providing service to achieve the highest level of performance from the equipment in your facility.

SMS group’s team of field technicians and engineers can provide their expertise across an array of product lines performing a wide range of equipment specific services.


Spare Parts

SMS group Inc. supplies spare and wear parts for all stages of the manufacturing process. Employing our stringent quality standards, spare parts from SMS group Inc. are manufactured to precisely match OEM prints and specifications.

To ensure that parts can be quickly identified and exactly matched; SMS group Inc. maintains a vast library of drawings and documentation for all the parts and components that have gone into every piece of SMS group equipment. Our spare and replacement parts not only keep your equipment operating at peak capacity and minimize downtime, they also incorporate the latest technical improvements that can enhance your equipment’s performance and extend its service life. 

Our experienced staff will work with you to determine the correct parts for your equipment, as well as determine the best spare parts program to meet your challenging needs.  Whether it’s commissioning spares, warehouse stocking, or individual replacement parts, SMS group Inc. is the right partner for you.