Process of BoreGuard™ Arc Wire Spray Welding
Composition of BoreGuard™ Arc Wire Spray Welding

The application process is comprised of two separate layers. The first layer is called the “Substrate” this layer is usually .007”- .010” thick per side. The purpose of the substrate is create a surface texture that allows the coating material to mechanically bond effectively to the surface of the part. The second layer is the actual coating itself. This can be a wide variety of different combinations of metal, each coating and substrate material have to compliment each other in a way that is most effective for the bonding process.

The key for this process of adhesion is as the heat from the coating particles is transferred to the cooler base material, the particles shrink and solidify and bond with the roughened base material.

At SMS group Inc.'s Mokena workshop, we have been utilizing the BoreGuard™ process in-house to repair chocks and chock components since 2010. The workshop has had their coating composition and process tested metallurgically and mechanically for Tensile strength, porosity, coating interface, cracking, globular’s, oxides, uniformity, and overall integrity to ensure that our quality will withstand the duties of a bearing chock.