Because the TG/2 Electronic Taper Gauge provides consistent readout accuracy to 0.01mm or 0.001 inches, proper precise taper is ensured and narrow-face wear can be minimized. With our gauge, precise settings and mold taper accuracy required by today’s continuous casters can be established and maintained.


To ensure repeatable readings and provide reliable measurements of mold tapers, the TG/2 Electronic Taper Gauge maintains consistent pressure on the narrow-face coppers. Because accurate tapers enhance narrow-face copper support, narrow-face breakouts are reduced and continuous caster campaigns can be extended.


Because our Electronic Taper Gauge is self-supporting, self-aligning, has large readouts, simple level guide ELECTRONIC TAPER GAUGE for Accurate Mold Tapers and battery-operated, it’s operator friendly. It’s also portable, light weight, rechargeable and has a low battery indicator.


TG/2 Electronic Taper Gauges are available with readouts in either Metric or English units. Calibration test stands are also available.

Parts and repair services

At our ISO 9001:2008 accredited facility, we can provide annual calibration services for our taper gauges. To facilitate fast repairs and calibrations, we also maintain an extensive inventory of parts at our facility. To find out more about how the TG/2 Electronic Taper Gauge from SMS group can help you establish your narrow-face taper quickly and more accurately, call +1-814-677- 9400 or complete the form on the reverse side and email it to Info. TechnicalServices@SMS-group. com or fax it to +1-814-677-9431 for a quote.

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