Precision for improved product quality

Because our mold wear gauge provides consistent readout accuracy to 0.01mm or 0.001 inches, operators can precisely measure wear on broad-faces and narrowfaces. With measurements from our gauge, precise mold cavity sizes required by today’s continuous casters can be calculated and accurately set, which helps maintain consistent product quality.

Precision for optimal copper utilization

Mold wear gauges from SMS group also provide precise, empirical mold wear data, so caster operators can develop statistical wear criteria and standards for mold removal. Because worn coppers can be identified and removed, breakouts from poor mold taper can be eliminated. Easy-to-use The mold wear gauge is battery operated, rugged and has large, selectable readouts. With the push of a button, you can toggle between English and Metric units. It’s also portable, light weight and easy-to-use.


Mold wear gauges are available for both wide-face and narrowface coppers in both radiused and straight molds. Measuring wear on broad-faces in a curved machine requires two custom-manufactured gauges to match the convex and concave mold surfaces. Parts and repair services At our ISO 9001 accredited facility, we provide annual calibration services and replacement parts for our mold wear gauges. To find out more about how a mold wear gauge from SMS group can help you measure mold copper wear quickly and accurately, call (814) 677-9400 or complete the form on the reverse side and fax it to (814) 677-9431 for a quote.

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