Experienced field and alignment services

Our knowledgeable technical experts include a special team that has extensive experience with and knowledge of Pro-Eco process line equipment maintenance. We also have experienced field service experts who use state-of-the-art analytical diagnostic instruments and a 3-D laser contact coordinate measurement system to precisely align equipment. Combined, our Pro-Eco equipment and field service experts can identify operating problems and failures that result in reduced production or impaired quality and solve them using proven techniques and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

Our team of technicians service process lines throughout North America, can trouble shoot line issues and can quickly and accurately verify machine and stand alignments.

Slitter head and leveler repair services

SMS group can expertly restore vital processing line components, such as slitter heads and levelers, to OEM specifications. And because Pro-Eco equipment was made by an SMS group company, we have access to the original drawings and any required technical information. Our expert slitter head repair includes aligning the arbors and base plate; carefully measuring arbor run out; measuring axial and radial loaded bearing and eccentric slop; and making height adjustments to minimize backlash.

We also expertly service all types of levelers. Typically the leveler is disassembled; bearings and bearing housings are carefully checked and repaired or replaced; and leveler frames are restored to original design specifications. The leveler is then carefully reassembled, calibrated, reinstalled and precisely aligned in the field.

Our slitter head and leveler services insure that equipment is precisely restored to OEM dimensions and tolerances so that it performs like new and production output and product quality is optimized.

Mandrels, chocks and shear repairs

We have the equipment and expertise to repair uncoiler and recoiler mandrels; chocks; and mechanical and flying shears to OEM specifications. Because our field service technicians can perform field inspections, mandrel issues can be identified and repairs can be made in the field minimizing line downtime.

Zinc pot roll maintenance

Using our extensive maintenance experience, we repair and restore zinc pot equipment so it performs like new. We can precisely machine and resurface rolls, remove dross and replace bearing systems.

To extend sink and stabilizer roll life and produce sheet free from surface defects, we coat rolls using a variety of thermal spray systems and processes, tailored to your application. These technologically advanced systems produce dense coatings with exceptional hardness, strength and wear resistance.

To learn more about how SMS group’s technical and maintenance services can help you optimize your process line operation, reduce downtime and improve production, call us at +1-412-231-1200.

We have the people, the experience and the technologies to help you achieve your quality and productivity goals and operate more efficiently and profitably.

We restore levelers to OEM or customer specifications